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Chapter 308 - The First One to Advance a Stage (1)

Shen Yanxiao didn’t wait for those curious students to check what medicinal herbs she had actually put inside the cloth sack. Before everyone’s eyesight, Shen Yanxiao suddenly grabbed the cloth sack and went towards the refining site which wasn’t far away.

Shangguan Xiao was now looking for the last medicinal herb he needed when he felt something was wrong. When he turned around to see it, he saw a pet.i.te figure in the refining site. No one knew how she suddenly appeared there, but she now occupied one of the ten medicine refining tables which was also the best.

Shangguan Xiao’s mouth slightly twitched.

The other students also saw Shen Yanxiao’s actions and dazedly look at one another. It was clear in their faces that they had no idea what had just happened.

"Why did that little demon go over there already?" Several of the partic.i.p.ating students looked at the position they had already chosen before in their minds. Standing at the east side, they look towards the west direction where Shen Yanxiao currently at. Their mood was extremely complex.

From the thirty minutes given to them, ten minutes still remained, but most of them had only found half of the medicinal herbs they needed while others had been robbed by their opponents.  If they still couldn’t find all the medicinal herbs they needed once thirty minutes pa.s.sed, they wouldn’t be able to continue to the next stage.  

"I’m guessing that he’ll just concoct a low level potion and went there already to secure a place. Heck, maybe he doesn’t have all the medicinal herbs," the unhappy students said with sarcasm.

Being robbed by a freshman kid made their mood quite bad.  


And because of Shen Yanxiao’s actions, the spectators couldn’t help but issue a series of strange noise.

When the group of freshmen students led by Lin Xuan saw Shen Yanxiao took the first spot, their hearts finally felt relieved, but they immediately became worried again.

Those junior students weren’t even able to find all the medicinal herbs they needed in this short period of time, so how could Shen Yanxiao do it? Was she really going to concoct a low level potion to partic.i.p.ate in the next stage of this compet.i.tion?

Everyone felt like their hearts were beating like a drum.

A moment later, Shangguan Xiao found the last medicinal herb he needed and went to the area where Shen Yanxiao was. He occupied the medicine refining table behind her.

"You’re just concocting a low level potion, you can’t fool others.” Shangguan Xiao put the medicinal herbs he was holding into the basket that was lying on top of the table while squinting his eyes at Shen Yanxiao’s back.

He was just a little nervous a while ago, so he didn’t have much time to observe or see Shen Yanxiao when she was grabbing medicinal herbs. However, judging by the time, Shen Yanxiao’s herbs wouldn’t be a lot. Shangguan Xiao needed thirty-five different kinds of medicinal herbs, and he didn’t even hesitate grabbing the medicinal herbs during the search. Yet, he was still four or five minutes behind Shen Yanxiao.

He didn’t believe that Shen Yanxiao could find more than twenty different kinds of medicinal herbs in just about twenty minutes.

"You don’t need to worry about it. Whatever the potion I’ll concoct, you’ll naturally know after the third stage." Shen Yan Xiao didn’t bother to even turn around and look at him as she returned a sentence with a calm indifference tone.

Her arrogant att.i.tude really made Shangguan Xiao’s heart angrier.

The desire to defeat her in the compet.i.tion was getting even stronger than before.

When there were only three minutes left, some students had started pus.h.i.+ng others to s.n.a.t.c.h their medicinal herbs. Finally, one second before the time limit, the remaining eight medicine refining tables had been occupied by junior and senior students.

While the remaining more than one hundred twenty partic.i.p.ating students, at this moment, had lost the qualification to enter the next stage, and dejectedly left the venue with the help of the mentors.

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