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Chapter 314 - Deep Magic Potion (1)

All the people in the stadium witnessed this mystical scene, and the hateful smiles originally hanging on their mouths froze in an instant.

They clearly saw that the two potions produced a strong repulsion when they were mixed together, and they could explode the next second. How come it became tranquil in a flash?

This situation completely subverted their understanding of pharmaceutics.

Everyone was utterly shocked.

Shen Yanxiao was satisfied and had a touch of a faint smile on her face. This was the first time she completed the potion alone. She did every step in accordance with Ye Qing's method. So if she couldn’t succeed, it just meant that she really hadn’t grasped it completely.

But now, everything was settled.

Pu Lisi looked at the bottle of potion far away from him. Everything fell into his eyes, and his heart couldn’t help but harbour a strange feeling that he didn’t want to think about. He felt that the bottle of potion in Shen Yanxiao’s hand looked familiar.

But at present, he couldn’t remember what it was.

Shangguan Xiao slightly frowned. He didn’t understand what Shen Yanxiao was doing exactly, nor did he understand what the bottle of strange potion in her hand was.

But pretty soon he became relieved.

Even if it didn’t cause any explosion, it couldn’t represent anything. He had never heard of any potion that would be concocted in such a weird way. That crystal bottle surely wasn’t filled with potion, but failed waste only.

"Just making things complicated," Shangguan Xiao coldly humphed.

Shen Yanxiao shook the potion in her hands then smilingly walked towards the front table. She put the potion on the table in front of the mentors and then retreated two steps back. Her hands were folded on her chest while calmly looking at various people’s expressions.

Shen Yanxiao completed the potion within the allotted time, so no one could say anything.

Those weird-looking mentors exchanged glances with one another. They hesitated for a moment before beginning to judge the current ten bottles of potions.

They examined them in order.

Most of the students had concocted intermediate level potions. Although these potions were intermediate level, their purity wasn’t satisfactory at all. A few senior students were a little better, but those junior students were not because they hadn’t been exposed to intermediate level potions long enough, so the degree of completion of their concoction wasn’t too high.

Most of them only reached a completion degree of 84%, so there was still a gap between them and a perfect potion.

Completing the potion was one thing. The degree of completion was another thing.

Although the effect of the potion was there, the efficacy would be different.

The value of a bottle of potion wasn’t only judged by its level; it was also necessary to see its degree of completion.

Completion degree of fifty percent or less was considered a failed product, and only those with a completion degree of more than fifty could be regarded as a bottle of genuine potion.

The mentors were looking down all the way, but they still hadn’t found a single bottle of potion that had reached more than ninety or more degree of completion, making their faces to turn black.

This was still not a problem. What let them want to vomit blood was that among the partic.i.p.ants, there were actually two people who had handed over low level potions!

In the whole compet.i.tion, apart from Shen Yanxiao who was a freshman, the rest were junior or senior students. These students had the nerve to take a low level potion to fool people!

The mentors’ expressions lost its color in an instant.

How foolish were these idiots!!!

Several mentors had a gloomy face. They continued to examine, and the next potion they were going to check was Shangguan Xiao’s work.

It was a bottle of dark blue potion. 

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