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Chapter 325 - The Benefits of Victory (3)

Ye Qing's tone couldn’t help but have a hint of sigh. He also didn’t think that with just a few observations, Shen Yanxiao could actually concoct a Fake Death Potion alone. This required a strong power of observation and memory to be able to achieve it.

That child was more talented than he had expected.

Lou De was extremely shocked.

He just observed for a few times and he could already concoct it? Stop kidding!

Fake Death Potion was not Breath Concealing Potion. Breath Concealing Potion only needed a total of 13 kinds of herbs, but the Fake Death Potion needed as many as 40 kinds of herbs. Moreover, it also required to concoct the two auxiliary potions first and a lot of changes would occur. To memorize these things in just a few observations, and be able to perfectly make one...

This kid was not a human!

"Shen Jue is really a capable individual. It seems that I have to teach him for real now." Ye Qing's face had a trace of smile. Shen Yanxiao's talent was beyond his expectations, and he didn’t need to continue observing her anymore. The child deserved his proper teaching.


In the afternoon, Shen Yanxiao was already with a pharmacist mentor and under his guidance, they went to the Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Storehouse.

The Pharmaceutical Storehouse was located in the courtyard behind the Pharmaceutical Branch. There was only one room in that big courtyard, and the whole area of the storehouse was quite large.

The mentor led Shen Yanxiao until they arrived at the door of the Pharmaceutical Storehouse. Four youths were standing straight on each side of the door.

The Pharmaceutical Storehouse's door was four meters high, six meters wide, and it looked very dignified.

The mentor handed a scroll to one of the young men. The youth had looked at the contents of the scroll before he opened the door to the storehouse.

Shen Yanxiao noticed that before the door was opened, the young man drew something on the huge door nine times. She quietly observed everything with her eyes.

The moment the door was opened, a trace of a medicine fragrance pervaded the air.

An ancient wooden cabinet then appeared in Shen Yanxiao's line of sight. At a glance, she unexpectedly couldn’t see the top of the storehouse.

"Shen Jue, you can go in to pick the herb you want now. I can not go in, so I will wait here," the mentor instructed.

"Alright." Shen Yanxiao nodded nimbly, her pair of big eyes flas.h.i.+ng a cunning light.

At the same time, Shen Yanxiao made a spiritual contact, ‘Xiu, help me check if there’s a magic array here.'

She wasn’t very familiar with the Magician's magic array. So, she handed the task of looking for the magic array over to Xiu, this big Buddha.

'All right,' complied Xiu.

Shen Yanxiao then entered the storehouse.

When she pa.s.sed through the Pharmaceutical Storehouse’s door, Shen Yanxiao felt something strange. And the moment Xiu spoke, he also shared this same feeling.

'A powerful magic array is laid at the door. Anyone entering would feel fluctuations. Just now I saw the guard drew something on the door with his hands. I think the magic array you're looking for should be related to that door.’

Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. She thought that the youth’s actions were a bit weird that she had glanced a few more times. She didn’t think that there would actually be a powerful magic array in that ordinary-looking door.

Shen Yanxiao had noted Xiu’s information before she truly walked into the Pharmaceutical Storehouse.

She had to say that the quant.i.ty of the medicinal herbs inside the Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Storehouse was quite astonis.h.i.+ng. There were at least hundreds of cabinets for placing medicinal herbs, and each cabinets had 108 separate drawers in which the precious medicinal herbs were placed.

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