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Chapter 331 - Demon Spirit (3)

As long as as they could pinpoint its exact location, then the Skeleton Flower wasn’t difficult to obtain. The only problem was the Inflammation Gra.s.s, obtaining it was truly...


Very difficult... Truly very difficult.


Shen Yanxiao sighed and said, "Does everything follows the will of fate? We can’t say for sure that we can’t get it, maybe we have a chance. But I’m curious, if you can get your hands on these three kinds of plants, would you be able to use it to capture demons?”


The only reason why she was interested in the compet.i.tion between every academy of the Long Xuan Empire after half a year was entirely because of Xiu.


Since combining the Demon Spirit Plant to the other two could produce dark elements, then did that mean that they didn’t need to capture any demons?  


However, Xiu’s reply only made Shen Yanxiao more depressed.


'Demons are still needed. These three plants can indeed produce dark elements, but the effects of these three plants is maximized in a place where demons converge. The demons rely on the dark elements they produce and the Demon Spirit Plant needs the scent of the demons to enhance its growth. The Demon Spirit Plant in your hand is just a young plant and the dark elements it can produce is limited. Only after growing could it produce dark elements in a great heap.’


So... did that mean she still needed to join the compet.i.tion after six months?


Shen Yanxiao sighed helplessly. The responsibility placed on her body had increased, and it seemed like unlocking this seal would take forever.


The revolution had not yet succeeded, and the comrades still needed to work hard[1]. At the same time, she must also continue working hard to reach the Honorable Master Pharmacist’s level in order to concoct the Blood Feast Potion and solve Yun Qi’s problem.


"Let’s take this slowly, okay? First, I will take this Demon Spirit plant out.” Shen Yanxiao’s large eyes flashed with something. In her head, she already thought of a plan.


Since the Holy Roland School had mistaken the Demon Spirit plant as a White Marsh Herb, then she would just take advantage of the situation and take this Demon Spirit plant away. Otherwise, if someone else took it and use it, not only would they failed in concocting the potion, but they would also waste such a rare Demon Spirit plant.


It must be known that after the war between the G.o.ds and the Demons, the demons had retreated to the underworld, and for so many years, no one knew where the Demon Clan lived. Their location became even more difficult than to find the Heaven, which also made it impossible to find a second Demon Spirit plant.


After coming up with that idea, Shen Yanxiao immediately gripped the Demon Spirit Plant in her hand tightly. The Vermillion Bird reluctantly withdraw into her body before she went towards the door to go outside.


The mentor was waiting outside the Pharmaceutical Storehouse’s door and was surprised to see Shen Yanxiao’s figure for a moment.


She had only been inside for two or three hours - half of the time that was given to her.


She actually came out so early.


Before, Shangguan Xiao had been in the Pharmaceutical Storehouse several times, and he would only leave in the last minute. This kid, why was he so fast?


The mentor was very puzzled looking at Shen Yanxiao before he kindly reminded her, "Have you already chosen the medicinal herb that you want? The Pharmaceutical Storehouse has a lot of medicinal herbs and it doesn’t lack any precious herbs. You still have a lot of time left before your time is up. Choose slowly and carefully. This opportunity only comes once a month, ah!”


There were at least ten thousands medicinal herbs in the storehouse, it would be impossible to look at all of them in just a short time.


Unfortunately, Shen Yanxiao wasn’t an ordinary person. Although she couldn’t see all the medicinal herbs in a short amount of time, she had a Mythological Beast, the Vermillion Bird, that could find great treasures for her.


Shen Yanxiao slightly smiled and said, "No need, I have already chosen what I want," Shen Yanxiao said while showing the Demon Spirit plant to the mentor. She waited for the mentor’s reaction.

[1] Direct meaning is that the problem is still not yet solve and that they still need to continue fighting.

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