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Chapter 335 - Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps (1)

The Mercenary Trade Union of Black City was located in the center part of the whole city with an area of hundreds of square meters. Almost every time, there would be a mercenary entering the trade union to take or change tasks.

This unregulated zone in the Black City would be filled with lots of magic crystals along with variety of bounty tasks that made the whole Mercenary Trade Union so busy that the place was bustling with activities.

Here, being a mercenary was a very profitable career.

When Shen Yanxiao went inside the door of the Mercenary Trade Union, a team of mercenaries had just took a new mission from the trade union. The number of mercenaries in the team wasn’t a lot - there were only five or six people.

In the whole Radiance Continent, since there weren’t any particular rule that stated how many members were required within a corps, then as long as they were willing, several mercenaries could group themselves together and form a small mercenary corps.

These small mercenary corps had more than ten members within their group at most. And they often unable to accept difficult tasks, so they could only aim for low level magical beasts.

And it was because of the existence of these small mercenary corps that low level magic nucleus in the Radiance Continent would never be out of stock.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at that mercenary corps before she turned around and headed inside the Mercenary Trade Union.

There were a lot of huge bulletin boards standing at each side of the wall of this huge trade union. Each bulletin boards was plastered with various tasks.

The mercenaries could find and choose the tasks they could accomplish depending on the task list.

Shen Yanxiao walked towards the front desk of the Mercenary Trade Union where a young good-looking woman was in charge of registering the task for the respective corps that took it.

Shen Yanxiao went over there and looked at the woman who was looking at the registration book before she opened her mouth, "h.e.l.lo, I have a task that I want to entrust you with."

The woman looked up. She was a little surprised when she saw the young Shen Yanxiao. It was hard to believe that such a young kid went to the Mercenary Trade Union to entrust a task.  

She examined the little guy in front of her, he had a small, unremarkable face and not a single characteristic could be seen. This guy’s pet.i.te body was wrapped in a simple clothing, and based from his outfit it could be said that he wasn’t a rich person.

"h.e.l.lo, may I ask what you want to entrust us with?" The woman smiled and asked, not showing even the slightest contempt for Shen Yanxiao’s outfit.

If it was in the other cities, perhaps with Shen Yanxiao’s appearance, many would directly ignore her.

But in the Black City, anyone who works in a shop would be friendly to every guest who came to spend their money regardless of their age, status, and the way they dressed. For them, their guests were like G.o.d.

Just as the woman spoke, two more men from a small mercenary corps came in. After they heard the woman’s words, they could not help but glance over to the side. When they found out that the “guest” that was standing before the front desk was incredibly a thirteen year old kid, their face revealed a trace of surprise.

“It can’t be that nowadays, even little demons are issuing a task? What does he want to entrust the trade union with? To bully his companion or to change his diaper?” A mercenary looked at Shen Yanxiao and laughed. He thought that she was too young.

Coupled with Shen Yanxiao’s low-key attire, it was really difficult for people to a.s.sociate her with some big rich man.

"Who knows, I reckon this isn’t even a valuable task. Just by looking at his body, you can already guess that he doesn’t have a few gold coins with him.” Another mercenary said with ridicule.

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