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Chapter 343 - Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps' Invitation (3)


He just used the courteous way of saying, ‘you’! [1]

Who doesn’t know that the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ Head had always been arrogant, it didn’t matter what ident.i.ty the guest had, he would still not display this kind of politeness.

But today, he had actually used such a polite way in calling this little boy!

This world was truly full of mystery!!!

It was impossible for their leader to be so polite!

The young man’s mind was currently in chaos.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised at Du Lang’s invitation. She also noticed the way how Du Lang called her, and she didn’t fully understand what kind of earth shattering act she had done that Du Lang suddenly change the way he called her. She just said a little information about the Phoenix, so why did he became so polite?

"If you agree, then I will also pay you a certain amount of money for it, and I will also arrange people to protect your safety." Du Lang further raised the conditions and benefits. As for the reason, aside his speculation of Shen Yanxiao’s ident.i.ty, it was also because this kind of mission was not a trivial matter.

According to his men, this mission had needed to bring together more than ten mid-sized mercenary corps. The employer this time would give every mercenary corps a very high reward if they could complete the mission. And this reward could even surpa.s.s their Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps’ total income worth of six months. Moreover, the employer stated it clearly that they only needed the Phoenix’s heart and the rest of the parts could be freely distributed among the mercenary corps.

And this includes the rank eight magic nucleus of the Phoenix!

The value of a rank eighth magic nucleus was immeasurable. And as a legendary rare magical beast, every items from the Phoenix’s also had a great value.

This time, if this task was successful, then they would receive a wealth far more than the other previous employers had given them.

After all, in the entire Black City, their Cave Wolves Mercenary corps's strength was the most powerful. Other mercenary corps simply couldn’t compete with them.

If they could also have someone who had a great understanding of the Phoenix to travel together with them, then Du Lang would have a greater certainty that they could complete this mission.

Moreover, according to his observation, the ident.i.ty of this guest was absolutely not simple. So if they could draw her over their side, they might have an unexpected harvest.

With all of these reasons, Du Lang made such a seemingly astonis.h.i.+ng decision.

Although Shen Yanxiao didn’t know why Du Lang was so resolute to invite her in the mission to kill the Phoenix, she had to say that she was very excited about this invitation.

The Inflammation Gra.s.s could be found in the Phoenix’s nest. This kind of opportunity was hard to come by and couldn’t just be sought after.

It was just that the mission that Du Lang received was obviously strange. The Phoenix’s level was definitely higher compared to the rank eight that had been stated in this mission.

What they would have to face was most likely an adult Phoenix whose level was near the Mythological Beast’s level. Even with hundreds of people, she was afraid that it still wouldn’t be enough to take down the Phoenix’s tooth.

Inflammation Gra.s.s was very tempting, but the beast they had to face was very ferocious.

If someone else were to be faced with such a choice, then it was feared that they would be very distressed. But Shen Yanxiao wasn’t worried at all because in her hand, she still have the Mythological Beast, Vermillion Bird, who could fight with the adult Mythological Beast, Phoenix!

As long as they wouldn’t encounter a reborn Phoenix, then with the Vermillion Bird’s ability, he wouldn’t allow himself to fall tragically.

Du Lang also said that as long as she could provide an information about the Phoenix, then she could just stay at the side during the fight, and she could take advantage of that time to sneak into the Phoenix’s nest and steal the Inflammation Gra.s.s.

[1] The character he previously used was 您 (nin) which is the courteous way of saying “you” as oppose to 你 (ni) the informal way of saying “you”.

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