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Chapter 348 - The Seven Wolves (2)

For a moment, the other members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps were affected by the seven wolves, so one after another, everyone followed their gazes.


When other mercenary groups saw that the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps were looking for someone, they couldn’t help but feel a bit curious.

The seven wolves of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had already arrived, so who was Du Lang waiting for? Could it be they were looking for an external aid?

If that was the case, how did that person get a.s.sociated with these mercenaries? The seven wolves were enough to give them headaches. Since the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was taking part in this mission, the division of the remuneration would surely be suppressed by them. If Du Lang was really getting an external support from a person with higher level, then they could simply pack up their things and leave.

Thus, all the members of the other mercenary corps were currently focused on the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members. They secretly prayed that this person wasn’t someone with a higher level than Du Lang.

In the midst of the hopeful gazes of these group of people, a pet.i.te figure walked through the crowd outside the plaza and leisurely went towards where the mercenary corps were gathered.

A group of five big brawny men suddenly ran into a young pet.i.te kid. This picture looked too silly; it was like a little white rabbit that had accidentally went into a group of lion.

Those who were still watching the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members finally spotted such a small white rabbit.

A member from one of the mercenary corps stretched his own head out towards that way and said, "Boss, there was a person over there, could it be it’s that person, ah?” His voice was full of uncertainty.

After the boss heard his men, he immediately turned around to look. He expected it would be a very intimidating person, he never thought that his eyes would actually see a little fart brat. The boss immediately slapped the head of his men and said, “Are you teasing me? This kid’s waist is not even as thick as my legs, unless Du Lang is crazy he’ll never wait for such a little fart child. Don’t try to mess with me, get lost.”

The mercenary who was slapped by his boss had a bitter face as he went to one side. He look aggrieved at the pet.i.te figure and couldn’t help but complain in his heart.  

Of course, he knew that people such as Du Lang wouldn’t care about this kind of kid, but it was his own boss who told him to look around and find someone then tell him. He was just following the instructions, how did he get beaten for it?

Blame that kid for not staying home to drink his milk and instead having b.a.l.l.s to actually run over to this place.

Just as everyone thought that Shen Yanxiao’s emergence was just nothing important, Du Lang’s eyes suddenly lightened up, then he walked towards the direction where Shen Yanxiao was.  

The other six wolves that were standing beside him didn’t understand what was going on as they watched him smiling towards the kid.

"You came." Du Lang looked at Shen Yanxiao, his face was plastered with a smile.

Shen Yanxiao looked around the plaza which was full of mercenaries before she nodded her head, “Since I accepted your invitation, naturally I will not renege on it."

The thousands of mercenaries in the plaza suddenly became quiet at this moment. All eyes were glued to Shen Yanxiao and Du Lang.

In the entire plaza, there was a strange quietness.

Was this a joke?

Du Lang and the other people were actually waiting for this inconspicuous little brat?

Could someone tell them they were just dreaming?

Was Du Lang’s brain flooded with water? Very early in the morning he was looking around for the temporary mercenary member, but who knew that the person he was actually waiting for had such a small radish head?

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