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Chapter 352 - Departure (3)

Shen Yanxiao was quietly listening at the side to the dialogue of Du Lang and Vicious Wolf. They didn’t deliberately avoid her. She keenly felt that Du Lang might not be a hundred percent believing in the information which the employer had given them. About the rank eight beast’s strength information, Du Lang might also had his own doubts about it.

For being such a wise man, Shen Yanxiao secretly admired Du Lang for some degree.

She could perceive the problem on the information about the rank eight Phoenix simply because Xiu had told her about the Phoenix’s level. But Du Lang completely didn’t know anything about it. His suspicions were based purely on his keenness and alertness.

To be able to sit still at the top position of Black City’s mercenary corps, Du Lang really wasn’t a simple man.

"By the way, I don’t know what to call you." Du Lang suddenly asked Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao lazily raised her eyebrows and casually replied, "You can simply call me Huo Xiao," too many ident.i.ties were also bad since she needed to think of more names. Shen Yanxiao wasn’t good at this kind of thing, so she just lazily omitted the word "Yan" from her name and randomly added a word.

Shen Jue, Xiao Yan… and now Huo Xiao, Shen Yanxiao really felt that her ident.i.ty was really complicated, ah.

Du Lang nodded his head, "Huo Xiao, what do you think about the employer's information about the Phoenix?"

Du Lang suddenly threw a question towards her which made Shen Yanxiao somewhat surprised. It seemed that Du Lang was really harboring doubts about the Phoenix’s level, so he wanted to get some information from her.


"My understanding of the Phoenix is not as much as you think, I just know some of their habits, but I don’t know much when it comes to its level. After all, the Phoenix has not been reproduced in the world for hundreds of years." Shen Yanxiao answered in an ambiguous manner. Her purpose was the Inflammation Gra.s.s, as for the Phoenix matter, she didn’t need to say more. Because if she really told Du Lang the real level of the Phoenix, with Du Lang’s personality, she was afraid that he would immediately find an excuse to take the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps out of this team.

After all, no matter how strong the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps were, they were absolutely still not an opponent of the Mythological Beast.

If that happened, she just tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice that was used to lure it.

Du Lang listened to Shen Yanxiao’s words and did not give an immediate response, he just looked towards Shen Yanxiao thoughtfully.

He didn’t know why but he always felt that there were some things she deliberately concealed from him. And these things were likely related to the Phoenix. But Huo Xiao wasn’t a full member of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, he was their guests that he had invited. Even if he had doubts, he couldn’t force Huo Xiao to spit out what he knew.

Vicious Wolf, who was sitting aside, was looking strangely at his leader. Du Lang’s att.i.tude towards the temporary member could be said to be extremely gentle. Even them, the six wolves, rarely get Du Lang’s good treatment. Their own leader had always been a head of iron and blood, when did he have such a gentle side?

The more he looked, the more Vicious Wolf felt that Du Lang’s att.i.tude towards Shen Yanxiao was worth speculating.

Did this little demon really had a great background?

However, no matter how Vicious Wolf looked at her left and right, he really couldn’t see anything special about this inconspicuous little demon. Even the clothes on her body were the ordinary clothes that could be bought at random in Black City’s shops, there wasn’t really anything special.

And apart from the ring on one of her fingers, her body didn’t have a little bit of decoration and weapons. Coupled with her young age and thin body, Vicious Wolf wasn’t really optimistic about this temporary member.

How did he get reduced to be a babysitter of such a little brat!

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