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Chapter 354 - Mount Ku Luo (2)

Based on the clues provided by Shen Yanxiao, Du Lang had calculated the possibility that they were heading to Mount Ku Luo. And at the same time, his expression had also slightly changed.

"Mount Ku Luo... If we’re really heading there, then I'm afraid what we are going to face isn’t as simple as a rank eight magical beast.” Du Lang’s tone was somewhat dignified.

Shen Yanxiao didn’t know about Mount Ku Luo, but watching Du Lang’s dignified expression, she couldn’t help but ask, “That Mount Ku Luo, what’s wrong with it?”

Du Lang looked at Shen Yanxiao, his tone slightly changed.

"The reason why there’s no one who dared to go to Mount Ku Luo is not only because of the magical beasts and elemental forces, it’s because in that place, there’s a large number of demons.”

"Demons?" Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow. Since her rebirth, she had heard countless of rumors about the demons. The crystallic nucleus from them that Xiu had absorbed was nearly 100,000. But she had never really seen those vicious and terrifying creatures that people had been talking about.

Du Lang nodded and said, "Yes, the four countries of Radiance Continent had once joined forces but only managed to clear up four safe areas. And even though countless of demons had been cleared up, there were still a lot of demons who had managed to escape and went to hide in remote mountains like Mount Ku Luo. And because no one dares to live here in Mount Ku Luo, it became a paradise of magical beasts and demons. Last time, there was a mercenary corps that received a Mount Ku Luo mission, their mercenary corps consists of 100 people in total, yet only more than ten people were able to come out from Mount Ku Luo. The rest of them, if they weren’t killed by a magical beast, they were eaten by the demons.”

A mercenary corps with a hundred people?

Wouldn’t that be a mid-sized mercenary corps?

A mid-sized mercenary corps, after entering the Mount Ku Luo had managed to escape but only in the bleak of collapse, the danger level of Mount Ku Luo was conceivable.

No wonder the employer kept the destination of this trip confidential. It seemed that in addition to keeping the location of Phoenix's nest a secret, he was also afraid to tell the mercenary corps that the place was Mount Ku Luo. Because those mercenaries would surely fear the dangers in Mount Ku Luo and wouldn’t accept the task. Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. Her pair of big eyes narrowed slightly. From what Du Lang had said, she also thought Mount Ku Luo was a very dangerous place. In addition to those magical beasts, there were also those demons that could let people unknowingly get killed. Not to mention that there was still the Mythological Beast that was residing in Mount Ku Luo.

This was simply a big challenge to survive.

"Head, do you want to withdraw?" Shen Yanxiao looked at Du Lang’s complexion which was becoming more and more ugly. She was secretly helpless. Though she managed to hide the true level of the Phoenix so Du Lang wouldn’t think of withdrawing, she didn’t thought that with just some clues, Du Lang could not only pinpoint the location of the Phoenix’s nest, but also knew the danger of that place. Now it seemed that Du Lang was likely to leave this team earlier than expected. If so, she had to mix in with the other mercenary corps in order to have the opportunity to seize the Inflammation Gra.s.s.

Du Lang was silent for a moment before he eventually shook his head.

"Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps will never quit a mission, this is also the principle of a mercenary. Even if the mission has a lot of dangers, we would still not violate the agreement. This is the pride of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, as long as we accept the mission, we will never go back!” Du Lang’s voice was a bit low, yet this pa.s.sage was unusually vigorous and powerful to the point that it still caused people to be surprised.

Shen Yanxiao was slightly shocked for a moment. Du Lang adhering to their oath and pride really surprised her.

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