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Was the red rain going to be pouring?

Wild Wolf looked dumbfounded at Vicious Wolf whose att.i.tude had completely turned 180 degrees. He almost couldn’t believe his ears. Before they started this journey, how much saliva did he spat out in front of them, saying that this worthless little brat was nothing but trouble? How come after a day, Vicious Wolf's att.i.tude towards him completely changed? He even go as far as to tell them not to make things difficult for that small drag.

Just what had happened exactly today?

"Huo Xiao? Is that the little brat’s name? What happened to you in the carriage? How did you become so weird?"

Wild Wolf was baffled, but Vicious Wolf was unwilling to say much more about the matter.

Before getting off the carriage, Du Lang had already instructed Vicious Wolf to keep everything that Shen Yanxiao had said confidential. Before entering Mount Ku Luo, he couldn’t mention this matter to anyone to prevent the people from other mercenary corps to have inopportune ideas towards Shen Yanxiao.

So no matter how much Wild Wolf asked, Vicious Wolf only clenched his teeth and refused to talk.

The other four wolves also tried to probe why Vicious Wolf’s att.i.tude changed, but the result was nothing more than what Wild Wolf achieved.

Du Lang secretly observed the changes of Vicious Wolf and there was a trace of smile inside his heart.

The reason why he let Vicious Wolf and Huo Xiao sit together in the same carriage was for Vicious Wolf to understand that Huo Xiao was different from any ordinary kid. He deliberately asked Huo Xiao the matter about the Phoenix, it was to make Vicious Wolf become aware that this small temporary member wasn’t as simple as they think.

And it seemed  from Vicious Wolf’s att.i.tude now that this idea wasn’t in vain.

He had a.s.signed Vicious Wolf to protect Shen Yanxiao. If Vicious Wolf was harboring ill-feeling towards Shen Yanxiao, then he wouldn’t be able to properly protect her. But now that he already knew that Shen Yanxiao was different, he wouldn’t neglect his duty.

About Du Lang thoughts, Shen Yanxiao had long guessed it correctly. But she didn’t react to this. Anyway, Vicious Wolf’s protection wasn’t so important to her, the real card in her hand was the Vermillion Bird.

When the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’s people had eaten their hot dinner, the other mercenary corps had just set up their tents and campfires. Smelling the delicious scents floating from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’s direction, the other mercenary corps’ men were swallowing their saliva, a few people's stomach couldn’t help but to produce a sound even.

Those mercenary corps’ head even felt that they utterly lost face. The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had always been better than them, but that was only in terms of strength. They didn’t think that pulling more than a dozen of the same size mercenary corps together, the distinction of their level would immediately be obvious.

Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ overall coordination and execution were far higher than these other unions. Such stark contrast really let the heads of other more than ten mercenary corps face no light. One by one, they urged their own mercenaries to hurry and complete the task at hand, and saved them from such disgrace.

Finally, when all the mercenary corps were eating dinner, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had long cleaned up their food. A group of people gathered around a few campfires and chatted about the day.

This disparity in speed really let the other heads be ashamed.

Every one of them secretly cursed these ruthless wolves mercenaries, and asked why was their day had been so good. They were obviously all mercenaries, how come when compared to the people from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, their own men became straw bags.

They simply couldn’t be compared ah!

And the difference between these mercenary corps and Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had also been seen by the employers’ eyes.


A man dressed in black clothing, who was standing beside the main leader of this whole mission, watched the well-trained Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members as he said to their own leader, "I did not expect that in such a small town of Long Xuan Empire, there actually will be such a good quality mercenary corps. "

Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps's existence was like a crane in a flock of chickens, especially outstanding.

The main leader looked at Du Lang chatting with the six wolves, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Du Lang is a remarkable person, staying in a small place such as Black City is truly a pity."

"Well, it is better to take him then..."

 From Nirvana in Fire

Guy 2: ...and then we’ll feed him, change his clothes and raise him to become a proper child.

Guy 1: …...

Guy 2: And then we’ll finally experience what’s it like to be a parent, then once we retire, he’ll be there to help us as we grow old together.

Guy 1: You’ve been possessed.

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