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Apart from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, no other mercenary corps had realized that they weren’t going to face a rank eight high-level magical beast, but a real rank twelve beast, the pinnacle of Mythological Beast.

These people were still quietly absorbed by the rewards and the Phoenix’s items that would be obtained in this mission. They didn’t know, what would come soon was a real nightmare.

Thousands of people had continued the journey early in the morning the next day.

On the tenth day of the journey, the original ease and joy inside people’s hearts were all wiped out in this long travel. With the exception of the employers, no one among them knew where their destination was. As they aimlessly moved forward, their hearts had long been gradually covered with confusion and uncertainty.

Several mercenary corps’ heads had discussed together and finally asked the employers about this trip’s destination, as going so aimlessly were putting these mercenaries in such a low spirit.

Unfortunately, the main leader didn’t give them a response as he already stated before their departure that this trip’s destination would be kept confidential, and this was in order to block the mouths of these several mercenary heads.

Mercenary’s rules were very strict, if the conditions of the task had been agreed upon, then no matter under what circ.u.mstances, they didn’t have any room to back out. Otherwise, if they had a falling out with the employers at this time, not only their own mercenary corps’ reputation would be damaged, even the commissions for this task would be gone. They had been travelling for ten days now, if they went back after these ten days without getting anything, how could they be reconciled.

Thus, a very strange atmosphere appeared in the whole team. Everyone shut their mouths and just continued to be in a dazed as they watched the eternal and unchanging daylight.

Of course, these people didn’t include the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. It was because they had already known from Du Lang’s mouth that the destination of this trip was Mount Ku Luo. As early as the day after departure, these people had already started getting ready to enter Mount Ku Luo.

During evening breaks, the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps always used a little time to train each other, which made it completely incomprehensible to the other mercenaries who had been on their way to exhaustion.

Why was this group of people acting as if their life depended on it? Although their target was a high level magical beast, they had thousands of people in the team. There were also at least twenty or thirty Senior professions, and more than hundreds mid-level professions. Even if it was a rank eight magical beast, their strength could still contend with it.

This entire journey, if they weren't riding a horse, they were in the carriage hurrying along. All the way, the ride was so b.u.mpy, so their bodies felt like it was falling apart. Yet this group of people actually still had the energy to train after camp.

Was this crowd of animals still humans?

This approach of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had enter the eyes of other mercenary heads and the employers.

Other mercenary corps’ heads felt that their own mercenaries weren’t a bit comparable to the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members. During the course of this journey, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps actually didn't relax but keep on training. This simply made them ashamed.

Wouldn’t this make the employers despised their group of mercenaries for being so lax?

Why be so wicked? You were obviously already very strong, yet you still desperately working hard. What did that make our group of mercenary corps?

Each of the heads of other mercenary corps felt like they lost their face, so they immediately ordered their mercenaries to take action after their break with a "we are actually very diligent" posture.


The days went by, and eventually on the twelfth day after their departure, a lot of mercenary corps’ heads finally realized where their destination was.

In front of them, they could see a boundless wilderness of land, on the dry soil were mottled fissures where hot airs intermittently bursting out from within.

Thousands of people halted their footsteps before this desolate place. Aside from Du Lang, all the mercenary corps’s heads immediately felt their hearts leapt up into their throat upon seeing this barren piece of land.

Main Leader: Surprised dimwits, look we're now in Mount Ku Luo.

Mercenary corps's heads: (╬ಠ益ಠ)ノ︵┻┻

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