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The Strongest Magical Beast (Cleaning Process) Table Of Contents (Cleaning Process) Ranking, Settings & Others Character List Alchemy Info The Team About me Chapter 37- The Vermillion Bird’s Candidates

What was even more shocking was that, from Shen Feng’s meaning, it was already clear that Shen Yanxiao was to be added to the list of candidates, and she was going to proceed towards the lava ravine tomorrow!

Just why are you teasing him so?!

Not only had Shen Duan become stupid, Shen Yue, Shen Jing, and Shen Ling who were to the side had as well.

Their elderly father had never gotten close to that idiot at all. Was the sun rising from the west today? During the time where it had reached the crucial point and concerned the reputation of the Vermillion Bird Clan, that idiot had unexpectedly been allowed to enter and partic.i.p.ate!

Was this Shen Feng’s mind addled?

Shen Duan’s face went green, for he truly didn’t know how to receive these words. He had a strong desire to tell his father that, from the start, Shen Yanxiao had been an idiot without a whole lot of wisdom. Moreover, she was nevertheless trash that couldn’t cultivate magic or Dou Qi. This wasn’t even mentioning that the probability of her making a contract with the Vermillion Bird was zero. Just that idiotic appearance of hers showing up before the sage…could it be that his father wasn’t worried about losing the Vermillion Bird Clan any face?

Shen Duan really wanted to persuade Shen Feng to renounce this outrageous idea. However, Shen Feng simply didn’t give him the chance to reply, and directly walked forward. Actually, when Shen Siyu was pa.s.sing by Shen Duan, Shen Siyu had said, “The maid that second uncle sent could immediately and directly be delivered to Yanxiao’s room. In a while, I’ll bring some people there.”

With Shen Duan being the head of the second and third generation of the Vermillion Bird Clan, everyone had a facial expression that seemed to express, ‘Has the world gone insane, or is it that they’ve gone insane?’ Their eyes followed the two people leaving, one facing forwards and the other one backwards, at the same time.

What a world of fantasy this was!

Taking on a principle of ‘It’s none of my business’, Shen Yanxiao was cultivating to one side, and on another side was being a buffoon. From time to time, there was also Shen Siyu who’d send delicate desserts; the days went by free and unfettered.

She had just been becoming ‘a fish back in water’, yet the second day of the sage’s arrival at the imperial capital had smashed it.

On the journey towards the main room, Shen Yanxiao lowered her little head and closely followed the back of the maid. She was unable to understand what Shen Feng wanted to do by having her summoned when the sage had arrived to the Vermilion Bird Clan. Could it be that he wasn’t worried of her, the disgrace of the Vermillion Bird Clan defaming their lofty and magnificent image?

As she attempted to figure out the answer with distrust, Shen Yanxiao once again arrived at the main room where she’d once played a small role.

This time, there was an extra seat next to Shen Feng with a person wearing a pure white cloth. A light blue silk fabric was rolled at the edges of the person’s sleeves, and a few designs using silver coloured thread were adorned on the pure white clothing. It was frugal, yet maintained the sense of delicateness. On that peerlessly handsome face, was a faint smile that could make people feel comfortable, and a pair of eyes which carried a smiling expression that caused people to feel an unprecedented revere and ease.

The sage that had came from the G.o.d’s Domain was known as the G.o.d’s Son by the commoners.

Regardless at whichever country it was, his arrival would always receive the people’s reverence and respect.

Shen Yanxiao quickly sized up on this world’s biggest ‘scammer’. She then lowered her head and continued onwards to be herself, the little idiot.

Shen could clearly sensed, from the single moment during which she’d been entering the main room, that the younger generations who were sitting on both sides, the left and the right of her, had shot flying gazes—and their gazes on her body after seizing them up, sizing up, weren’t exactly masked at all  

Shen Jiayi was standing behind Shen Yue’s back. The once pretty complexion of hers, as of now, was somewhat pale. Although she’d meticulously applied make up,  it had still been unable to cover up that trace of her sorry figure. Her dark long hair had long been in the past. Even after using the few medicines on a daily basis that induced hair growth, generally, it could be considered that a few hairs had sprouted from her head. Merely the length alone was no longer that of an approximate of half a finger in length. No matter how meticulously it was taken care of, the top of her head now resembled an ample lump of chicken nest.

It didn’t help that the people also couldn’t help but laugh, for it was like a bald-mane little lion.

Shen Jiayi’s gaze was rigidly fixed onto Shen Yanxiao’s body; Shen Jiayi would never forget who’d been the one that’d conferred her miserable appearance of today.

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