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Shen Yanxiao had hesitated over and over again before she decided to give Du Lang a wake up call.  

"The Phoenix on the top of the mountain is definitely not just a high level magical beast. It might even already be on the level of a Mythological Beast. With our team’s strength, it would be impossible to rival it.”

Shen Yanxiao's words were like a heavy bomb that burst Du Lang's heart open. He was originally skeptical that the information they had received wasn’t true, but he didn’t dare to affirm it. But now that he heard the information from Shen Yanxiao’s mouth, his heart immediately sank to the bottom.

"I understand. I will let others pay more attention. If the mission fails because of false information, then even the employer isn’t qualified to pursue looking into it.” Du Lang nodded, and his heart was very grateful for Shen Yanxiao’s reminder; otherwise, he was afraid that with his temper, he would definitely let his team take the front in battling with the Phoenix. Then, when the time came and something went wrong, it would be too late to retreat anymore.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and didn’t say anything anymore. They began to gradually slow down their own pace until the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps were a distance away from the rest. Although Vicious Wolf wanted to be at her side, Du Lang told him to go back.

Du Lang had a feeling that the reason why Huo Xiao told him this information at this moment might be because he would leave the procession soon to handle his own affair.

The reason why Shen Yanxiao slowed down was because she had found that those employers had  been deliberately distancing themselves from the team ahead, lagging far behind. It was possible that they might leave any time, and this departure might be related to their true purpose.

This group of people spent a lot of money to hire these mercenaries to deal with the Phoenix, but they planned to leave at this crucial time. It must be because there were more important things to do. Shen Yanxiao was very interested in  knowing what their real purpose was.

When the main leader saw that the thousands of troops had already entered the top of the mountain, he immediately gestured toward his companions. The ten black people immediately understood his meaning and immediately dodged into the side of the jungle, completely disappearing behind the large force.

The moment that they entered the jungle, a pet.i.te figure followed up.

In the jungle, the speed of the ten men in black significantly accelerated, and their feet were like riding the wind —they were amazingly fast.

Ordinary people couldn’t achieve such speed. From the whole Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, besides the seven wolves, no one could find an eighth person who could be compared to these people clad in black.

Obviously, the weakest in these employers had already reached the Senior level in their profession.

Such a group of experts actually went to hire some strength that was far less than their mercenaries. Their purpose really let others feel suspicious.

In terms of strength alone, Shen Yanxiao got a hard time keeping up with the speed of these people. After all, each of them were moving forward with their fastest speed that even the trees in front of them weren’t enough to become their obstacle.

Seeing that this group of people would be leaving her line of sight soon, Shen Yanxiao immediately took out a bottle of  Acceleration potion in her storage ring, then she drank it all up. Instantly, her speed ascended a level and was now enough to match those people’s speed.

Each Acceleration potion she drank would only be effective for three minutes. Shen Yanxiao’s whole journey was now about ten minutes. Yet, Shen Yanxiao didn’t even bat an eye as she drank five or six bottles of Acceleration potion in quick succession. The value of one of these was already hundreds of gold coins, so in just more than ten minutes, Shen Yanxiao had smashed thousands of gold coins.

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