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The emergence of the Phoenix crushed the confidence of more than a thousand mercenaries into powder in an instant. In the face of such tyrannical magical beast, no one dared to move even a tad bit.


More than a thousand people stood frozen like statues in their places, while all of their magical beasts were humbly lying on the ground trembling.


What was a Mythological Beast?


For the magical beasts, those who had attained the level of a Mythological Beast was like their G.o.d. They couldn’t go against the lofty and divine beast. Even the fierce magical beasts couldn’t raise the slightest meaning of fight in the face of a Mythological Beast.


At this moment everyone's heart was filled with fear.


Du Lang stood at the end of the team, watching the huge and divine Phoenix, and his eyes couldn’t help but reveal a trace of surprise.


He had suspected that the Phoenix in Mount Ku Luo was likely to be more than a rank eight magical beast, and he thought that it would be a very formidable opponent, an existence that was unexpected to everyone. But when he saw the Mythological Beast, his shock still couldn’t be described in any language.


The Phoenix that had been extinct for a hundred years appeared in such an astonis.h.i.+ng way that the fear in everyone’s heart was absolutely overwhelming.


"Huo Xiao was really right," Du Lang incredibly whispered, and his mind echoed Shen Yanxiao’s instructions before she left.


How much was he rejoicing at this moment. Fortunately that day, he didn’t hesitate to spare an effort to invite the young boy to join their team. If Shen Yanxiao didn’t remind him before she left, he was afraid that he would have taken the whole Caves Wolves Mercenary Corps at the front of the team, facing this mighty beast that they had never seen before.


That would be a catastrophe!


"Leader...This... This is the Phoenix?" the other six wolves’ faces had become deadly pale. In the Black City, they were respected figures whose tyrannical strength could look down upon other mercenary corps. But in front of the Phoenix, they couldn't even raise a bit of courage.


Du Lang clenched his teeth and decisively issued a command.


"Everyone immediately draw back your magical beasts. Immediately escape from here. The information for the mission was wrong. We cannot stay here!”


Just after the moment Du Lang had issued his commands, the Phoenix began to vent its dissatisfaction towards the humans that invaded its territory.


Flames began to descend from the sky, like a rain of fire swaying over the earth. Every flame was the size of the palm of a hand. Whatever it touched would soon be engulfed by the blazing fire.


At once, a series of wails filled the entire Mount Ku Luo. The endless horror and devastating disasters let the stunned mercenaries recover their senses, and they suddenly fled disorderly towards the direction where they came from.


However, the wrath of the Phoenix did not subside. Its huge flame wings stirred slightly and created a flame in the wind that swept the ground.


Countless screams resounded through the sky one after another. The mercenaries who were  lucky enough to escape and had courage to fight a moment ago each began to cover their heads and run away like rats. They feared that if they were even just a little bit late to escape, they would be engulfed by the Phoenix’s anger.


The temperature in Mount Ku Luo’s summit began to rise, and this temperature was like baking their bodies as big beads of sweat came out of the mercenaries’ bodies. But at this moment, they had no intention of minding others and just wanted to escape.


Who would have thought that the mission to capture a rank eight magical beast would escalate into a situation where they would need to fight against a Mythological Beast. If they had known it, why would they come here to die!


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