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Vermillion Bird coldly snorted. About someone’s petting actions, he was rather depressed.


"What are you doing, just go inside." Vermillion Bird strutted into the Phoenix’s nest. He vented out his dissatisfaction with his owner in the Phoenix's home.


Those two silly birds actually had a better environment to stay at than himself, so he decided to blow this place off with a bang when they were about to leave from here.


Shen Yanxiao chuckled and followed Vermillion Bird into the Phoenix's nest.


The inside of the Phoenix's nest was bigger than it looked outside. Looking from the outside, the hole was dark. But when she really came inside, she discovered that there were red crystals flas.h.i.+ng lights on the walls at the side. Each of these crystals had the size of a fist. In this huge cave, there were at least thousands of them.


The red crystals were constantly emitting fire elements, and the entire cavern was flooded with rich elements of fire.


Vermillion Bird felt the siege of the fire elements. He stretched his body comfortably, and his originally depressed mood also relaxed a lot at this moment. Even his pace became brisk.


The cave seemed endless. Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird marched for three to four minutes. As Shen Yanxiao advanced, the temperature didn't get lower, but rather she felt it go higher and higher. The intense heat had exceeded the human body's ability to withstand the temperature, so she had to put her magic and dou qi over her body to avoid this high temperature that could roast a person.


After the two of them moved inside, the dim cave was instantly greeted with light.


At the top of the cave was a wide expanse of land surrounded by walls and floors paved with fire crystals, and a faint glow of red light illuminated the place.


Two large nests were placed therein, and evidently, the two nests belonged to the two Phoenixes. In the midst of the two nests was a little nest.


The size of that entire nest was only three palms of the hands, and Shen Yanxiao could clearly see that the used in that nest was the Inflammation Gra.s.s she had been painstakingly searching for!


Even if it was only the size of the palm of the hands, the amount of Inflammation Gra.s.s was still several thousands!


When she thought of the fact that she had wasted so much strength for an Inflammation Gra.s.s, while the Phoenix was actually interested in the gra.s.s to build its nest, Shen Yanxiao really wanted to spit up blood.


Such a small and exquisite nest appearing in the huge cavern was so inconspicuous, yet Shen Yanxiao couldn't turn away her gaze. Because aside from the extravagance of the Inflammation Gra.s.s, in that little nest was also a red egg as big as half a palm of the hands.




It was an egg!


Shen Yanxiao looked at the red egg with astonishment, and she could almost feel a steady stream of heat spreading from that egg.


"What kind of egg is this?" the corner of Shen Yanxiao's mouth twitched as she looked at that piece of red egg that could be called a lovely egg.  A strange idea was playing in her mind.


'This is the Phoenix egg. No wonder the two Phoenixes' reactions have been so fierce. Presumably, because there had been people who wanted to steal their child before, so it only aroused their desire to protect their child. And this time, they just had to see other humans make such a drastic move.' In the end, Xiu wanted to understand the Phoenixes' abnormal behavior.


A parent's love —not only humans possessed this, even magical beasts were capable of  it. Let alone the magical beasts that had reached the level of Mythological Beasts who had already possessed the same minds as human beings, and had the ability to transform into human forms.  They must have done their best to nurture their offspring, so for those who tried to steal their offspring, a storm-like expulsion was there to meet them.

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