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The Phoenixes’ fury soon broke out. Two huge flames roared out toward Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird.


The level of heat could melt even steel into molten iron in an instant.


Just as the flames were about to reach the two people, two fire dragons instantly jumped out from Vermillion Bird's hands, and the two groups of flames clashed at a lightning speed.


Four powerful flames. .h.i.t one another, immediately causing a tremendous impact. The entire nest immediately trembled.


Vermillion Bird's figure morphed into a flame and flew fast beside Shen Yanxiao. With one of his arms, he pulled Shen Yanxiao up and flew straight out of the cave.


The next second, the Phoenix's cave had been surrounded by rifts, and the huge cavern collapsed in an instant.


Vermillion Bird and Shen Yanxiao left the Phoenix's nest the next second, and two Phoenixes also broke out through the nest and flew into the sky.


The tremendous vibrations made the entire Mount Ku Luo tremble. Those mercenaries who were lucky to escape from the Phoenix's onslaught felt the vibrations from the ground, and they looked horrified at the direction of the source.


Only to see that in the midst of the summit of Mount Ku Luo, two huge Phoenixes hung vertically on the sky. And in midair not far away and opposite of them, there was a red glow that was as bright as the Phoenixes' red radiance.


"What is that?" Vicious Wolf was looking at the top of the mountain with astonishment. He almost dared not to believe his own eyes.


Du Lang was also shocked by the scene before them. With his eyesight, it was impossible not to see that the two Phoenixes was being held back by a formidable opponent.


But what kind of terrible existence in this world could confront with two Mythological Beasts?


In the summit of Mount Ku Luo, Vermillion Bird was dragging Shen Yanxiao while mid-air, and opposite of them were the two raging Phoenixes.


In terms of volume, Vermillion Bird's child-like size was an extremely small existence in front of the Phoenixes. But the imposing aura his body exuded wasn't any inferior to the two Phoenixes.


A loud Phoenix cry resounded through the skies.


"Just with the two of you and you dare to fight with me!?" Vermillion Bird's squinting red eyes looked at the two Phoenixes without the slightest fear.


The two Phoenixes were Mythological Beasts, but Vermillion Bird was even more than just that.


In a one-on-one battle, neither of the two Phoenixes was Vermillion Bird's opponent. And even if the two teamed up together, Vermillion Bird still had nothing to fear.


As Mythological Beasts, the two Phoenixes also felt that the little fellow in their sight was different. They initially thought he was just a human. They didn't think that the other party's body could emit purer fire elements than them. It was obvious that the other side was the same as them. Moreover, he had a presence with a higher power than them.


But, even so, they didn't intend to let go of the guys who had hurt their child!


The two Phoenixes made up their minds to knock Vermillion Bird out to death. Vermillion Bird felt their strong hostility and without any explanation, he immediately dragged Shen Yanxiao down and whispered, "Wait for me while I fight with them, then you find yourself a safe place. I believe that since there is Xiu that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you shouldn't be in any danger. But when the time comes that I cannot take care of you and you run out to your own death, don't blame me."


Vermillion Bird's tone was very bad, but the meaning of his words was full of concern. This was the kind feelings of the Mythological Beast towards its master.


How could Shen Yanxiao not know?


Her current strength was undoubtedly the top in the Holy Roland School, but against the level of the two Phoenixes, it was still not enough to be considered.


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