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The Phoenix couple seemed to be familiar with this human figure before them as the male Phoenix in his human form smiled and said, “There was some accident; our child was born earlier than expected."


The elegant juvenile frowned.


"I can’t feel the presence of the little Phoenix."


The male Phoenix only said, "Mount Ku Luo is not safe anymore, so we sent it to a friend and let him temporarily take care of it. Then once we find a new nest, we’ll pick it up.”


Inside the juvenile’s eyes, there were ripples of doubt breaking the calm lake. These two Phoenixes who cared a lot for their little Phoenix actually had the heart to let someone else take care of it. This was simply too incredible.


"If you want to, I can help you find a new nest to stay. After all, it was because of my wrong arrangement that you had settled down in Mount Ku Luo, and others took advantage of it.” There was a slight apologetic tone hinted behind the juvenile’s voice.


The male Phoenix smiled and said, "G.o.d’s Domain has helped us a lot, and we are very grateful for it, but we have already found a new nest.”


"Oh? Where is it?"


"Lava Valley."


The juvenile’s face had a hint of surprise.


"Lava Valley? Isn’t that the Vermillion Bird’s nest? Are you really going there?”


The male Phoenix nodded.


"We already have plans. Thank you for taking care of us for this period of time."


The juvenile didn’t ask anything anymore, and the Phoenix couple left afterwards.


"Why would they go to the Lava Valley? Although the Vermillion Bird had been taken away by little Xiao, but…” Under the moon of that evening, the juvenile murmured with a hint of doubt. Yet, the appearance that this juvenile showed didn’t reveal any trace of doubts.


Gentle as a jade, and as quiet as a lake.


It was Shen Siyu.




Vermillion Bird did not know how they went back to Black City, but he only knew that in his whole life, this was his biggest nightmare. He had more than once wanted to go back to Shen Yanxiao’s body, but this little Phoenix remained clingy and refused to let go. And when he slightly pushed it away, this little guy would immediately let out a pitiful cry while staring at him with tears in his eyes.


Vermillion Bird didn’t want to take care of this little guy, but Shen Yanxiao wouldn’t let him escape his responsibility.


Hence, with his master not even agreeing to his wish, even if he wished to return to Shen Yanxiao’s heart’s lake, it would still be impossible.


Vermillion Bird could only throw up on the side as the little Phoenix happily acted coquettishly while going back to the Black City.


On the same day after returning to Black City, Vermillion Bird almost fell off the carriage. Shen Yanxiao immediately let people put him in a hotel in Black City to rest.


On the other hand, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps quickly went to get their rewards.


Although they weren’t able to complete the mission, because the employer gave out wrong information, all the mercenary corps successfully got their payment from the Mercenary Trade Union. Shen Yanxiao, as promised by Du Lang, also got her share.


And with Du Lang’s earnest invitation, she temporarily became a high guest of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.


However, it was just a front as she could freely choose whether to partic.i.p.ate in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ tasks or not.


With the Inflammation Gra.s.s in her hands, Shen Yanxiao had one less thing to worry about. She had also left the task of finding the Skeleton Flower to Du Lang and the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. After all, she was still studying at Holy Roland School, and she didn’t have time to run around the continent.


After all things had been settled, Shen Yanxiao went back to the hotel, and there she saw Vermillion Bird vomiting and looking like an immortal who wanted to die.


Now there was another problem she must deal with!

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