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She couldn’t withdraw Vermillion Bird into her body right now because the little Phoenix was not willing to leave Vermillion Bird no matter what. She feared that once she withdrew Vermillion Bird into her body, the little Phoenix would completely turn stupid. Moreover, she had no experience in taking care of a magical beast, so she could only temporarily let Vermillion Bird stay outside.

However, she couldn’t possibly bring Vermillion Bird and the little Phoenix to Holy Roland School, right?

Holy Roland School’s dean was Ouyang Huanyu who was already at the level of Great Magister. Even if he couldn’t see through the real ident.i.ty of Vermillion Bird, he certainly could see the little Phoenix’s rank. A rank eight Pheonix chick —this will bring too much trouble. Shen Yanxiao knew it even if she thought with her toes.

Shen Yanxiao considered the past causes and future effects. Finally, she decided to let Vermillion Bird temporarily stay in Black City. The master and its magical beast had a certain spiritual link, so even if they were not together, she could still maintain the exchange of information.

Vermilion Bird unexpectedly didn’t protest against this decision. G.o.d knew that he had been oppressed by Shen Yanxiao past to the point of vomiting blood. Now, there was such a good opportunity to hang around outside, so how could he refuse it?

The heart that was originally depressed because of the little Phoenix’s presence became elated at this moment.

Shen Yanxiao left some "living expenses" to Vermillion Bird. The morning of the second day, she left Black City and returned to Holy Roland School.

It was already noon when she returned to Holy Roland School. After a cursory meal, Shen Yanxiao went back to the dormitory and prepared to report to the Archer Branch this afternoon.

However, she had just returned to the dormitory when she b.u.mped into Lin Xuan who was preparing to go out.

Lin Xuan was surprised to see his roommate whom he hadn’t seen for quite a while, and his eyes were full of astonishment and… avoidance?

"Shen ... Shen Jue you’re back ah?" Lin Xuan spoke somewhat unnaturally as his eyes seemed erratic. He couldn’t look straight into Shen Yanxiao’s eyes.

Lin Xuan’s strange att.i.tude made Shen Yanxiao very curious, but she just came back and there were a bunch of things to deal with, so she didn’t care much in the end and just nodded and replied, "Yes, I just came back."

Lin Xuan showed a stiff smile.

"Then... first you ... first, I’ll go to the library to get something."

Shen Yanxiao moved sideways to make way for Lin Xuan. She then took a quick glance inside the dorm room but didn’t find Tang Nazhi, that stinking guy’s figure. She casually opened her mouth to ask, "Where’s Nazhi? Doesn’t this guy usually sleep in the dorm at noon? Where did he run off to?"

In Holy Roland School, Tang Nazhi was almost inseparable from her, so she was really unaccustomed to not seeing this guy now that she came back.

Lin Xuan's back obviously stiffened a bit. A moment later, he said stutteringly, "I... I do not know." Finished, he immediately ran out without waiting for Shen Yanxiao to ask more.

"Do I look terrible?" Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. When she came back, she had worn the  face-changing mask, so there should be no problem.

Being back to the dormitory after a month, Shen Yanxiao changed her dirty clothes and put on the robe that represented the purple cla.s.s.


Soon, Shen Yanxiao found a hint of something wrong.

The bed originally belonging to Tang Nazhi was suddenly empty, and there was no bedding on the empty headboard.

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly and went straight to Tang Nazhi's cabinet before pulling its door.

Without delay, all the books and daily necessities inside the cabinet were all missing. It was clean —as if it had never been used before.

"What's going on?" Shen Yanxiao knitted her brows, and from her heart rose an uneasiness.

She quickly tried to look for everything that belonged to Tang Nazhi, but she found nothing. Everything belonging to Tang Nazhi had disappeared. There were no traces that indicated he had once occupied the dorm room.

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