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While the three were talking, a group of students who were reading in the library were attracted by their conversation.


All the students of the Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Branch were all clear about who the three people chatting were.


Shangguan Xiao’s reputation had always been the highest in the Pharmaceutical Branch, while Shen Yanxiao already became a famous and influential figure after that battle. On the other hand, Luo Fan, a pharmacist from Lan Yue Dynasty, was in the limelight on the previous friendly match.


Almost everyone knew that in that recent friendly match, it was no surprise that Luo Fan won against Tang Nazhi. After that, the new Branch Head Pu Lisi expelled Tang Nazhi from the Holy Roland School for violating the rules of the school.


Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao had a good relations.h.i.+p ever since. So when the freshman that disappeared for nearly a month suddenly came back, searched for Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao, and then issued a challenge —even a fool would know the reason for this.


"Don’t tell me that Shen Jue is really going to challenge Luo Fan?”  Several Pharmacist students that gathered together couldn’t help but secretly look at the direction of three people.


"Luo Fan is now a Senior Pharmacist; he can’t fight him.” The group of students had already seen Luo Fan’s pharmaceutical strength not long ago. And not to mention others, even their branch’s top student couldn’t defeat him.


Shen Yanxiao had won the compet.i.tion against Shangguan Xiao once, but after that she quickly disappeared before their sight.


That was why the pharmacists students were quite unfamiliar about  this freshman student, who revealed an outstanding talent and then disappeared shortly afterwards. As far as fame was concerned, Shen Jue’s name wasn’t as reknowned as that of Shangguan Xiao.


And if Shangguan Xiao even had to bow before this super genius, then how could Shen Jue be his opponent?


A lot of people weren’t optimistic about Shen Yanxiao’s act. They knew that this was Shen Yanxiao’s way of exacting revenge for Tang Nazhi but the enemy was too powerful.


"What about Luo Fan? What about Yeats Academy? What b.a.l.l.s do they have to think they can act arrogant in our Holy Roland School? I long to see that group of people unhappy, and Shangguan Xiao is a coward. Usually he shows off his strength before us, but in front of Luo Fan he can’t even say a single word of fart,” a student said, a bit agitated.  


Ever since the Yeats Academy students came to their branch, there were several friendly matches before and after, and Holy Roland School ended up in a total annihilation.


They were unable to lift their heads up in their own ground under the pressure of the students from another school, and this really made the Pharmaceutical Branch students unreconciled. But Shangguan Xiao, as the top student of their branch, not only did not fight for the sake of Holy Roland School, instead, he was in cahoots with that guy called Luo Fan. Moreover, he also let the Yeats Academy students run rampant in their branch. This had already made many students dissatisfied.


Nevertheless, they were also aware that with their strength, they were really not the opponents of Yeats Academy students.


This time, Yeats Academy had sent a total of eight Pharmacists led by the Senior Pharmacist Luo Fan, and the other seven people's strength was also at the Intermediate Level, completely crus.h.i.+ng Holy Roland School.


Almost every students of Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Branch were young and vigorous 18 or 19-year-old teens. They were so angry that they were pressured in the head by someone else day by day.




Now, Shen Yanxiao had jumped out and challenged Luo Fan. Whether successful or not, this had a morale-inspiring effect on them.

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