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"Luo Fan's strength is at Senior Pharmacist level. Little Xiao, when you compete with the two of them, Shangguan Xiao can be temporarily ignored, but you have to be careful when dealing with Luo Fan. The potions prepared by a Senior Pharmacist are not simple. Moreover, Luo Fan’s family has a lot of secret potion formulas. I have not investigated these things clearly yet, but competing with them using negative potions is seriously somewhat inappropriate." Qi Xia frowned rarely. Although he wasn’t a Pharmacist, as the next heir to the Qilin Clan, he had a certain understanding about a lot of things.


Pharmaceutics could be said to be the most indispensable part of the Radiance Continent. The positive effects of potions could often make people strong, and the horror of negative potions was terrifying for many people.


With negative potions, whether in the concoction process or mastery of medicinal herbs, Qi Xia didn’t have any a.s.surance.


Shen Yanxiao was leaning on the chair, and her mouth had a trace of sneer.


"Inappropriate? I'd like to see tomorrow if it will be inappropriate for me or for them. Rest a.s.sured that I am fully aware of the situation. I will definitely make them look good tomorrow." Damaging the enemy one thousand times but harming oneself eight hundred times wasn’t a thing she would do. What she really wanted was to win without firing a shot and a total annihilation.


The other four men looked at Shen Yanxiao’s confident little face and didn’t say anything more. This little girl actually did things with a sense of propriety.


After discussing about the match tomorrow, this group of people s.h.i.+fted their attention to Tang Nazhi’s departure tomorrow.


Tang Nazhi's departure was something they didn’t want to see. But the Black Tortoise Clan’s family master had ordered that Tang Nazhi should not quarrel about going home this time.


For the entire night, the five people of Phantom squatted in the casino and spent their time with their companions in their own ways.


Throughout the night, the lights in the lounge didn’t go out.


Yan Yu prepared a sumptuous dinner, and the five people began their midnight feast.


Tang Nazhi's face held a complex smile. He was gratified with the friends.h.i.+p of these group of companions, and at the same time, he felt lonely that he was about to leave.


But no matter what, he would remember that at Holy Roland School, he had a group of companions who were ready to live together in life and death with him.


Tang Nazhi impatiently rose up and drank a cup of wine. Looking at the four people at the table, he said with a tipsy voice and reddened eyes, "Everyone in the world said that I, Tang Nazhi, led an unsuccessful life as a younger generation of Black Tortoise Clan, and actually gave up the road of dou qi and magic to set foot on the Pharmacist's path. But with my talent, I stumbled on pharmaceutics and made no achievements. How many people are waiting to see me become a joke? Tomorrow, they will surely laugh at me. From now on, I will not touch Pharmaceutics anymore! After several months of staying in school, I  can say that I have achieved nothing. But these aren't important; what’s important is that I have you all, a group of good brothers. The world has disgraced me, taken me lightly, treated me lowly, laughed at me, and cursed at me... but so what? I have you in this life, and that is enough! Tomorrow, I, Tang Nazhi will leave here, so tonight, I offer you a gla.s.s of wine. Thank you for the several months of getting along and helping each other!"


He downed a cup of  wine to drown the melancholy, and Tang Nazhi's eyes flushed.


He knew that from the time when he had wanted to be a Pharmacist two years ago, everyone in the world had been waiting to see him become a joke.


Laugh, let them laugh.


Although he couldn’t become a Pharmacist, there were these group of companions. This life was enough!


The four people raised their of wine correspondingly and drank them all down.


The pungent wine flowed through their throats. Shen Yanxiao slightly narrowed her eyes.

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