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Right after lunch, the students of the Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Branch rushed to the freshmen pharmacy room.


The pharmacy room which could accommodate hundreds of people was instantly crowded by thousands of people which could not even trickle through anymore.


Several students of the Yeats Academy also came over, and their number formed one group. Even in such a crowded area, there were still empty s.p.a.ces one meter around them. All of the students of Holy Roland School subconsciously separated themselves from this group of outsiders.


Several students of Yeats Academy were wearing their school uniform. And this silvery white cheongsam stood out in the crowd of students wearing red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple robes.


[TL SKY: Cause you know ROY G BIV? Or is it ROY G BIP? XD The cla.s.s has the rainbow colors…]


Each of them had a proud look on their faces, completely not putting the Holy Roland School’s students in their eyes, as if they were above them and disdained to be together with them, making other people really uncomfortable.


A middle-aged man was standing among these students.


Fang Qiu was a teacher of Yeats Academy who was a.s.signed to lead the group of students, and he already had the qualifications of an Advanced Pharmacist. Except for the few Master Pharmacists in the library, no one else from Holy Roland School could enter his eyes.


Just like that group of students he brought with him, people would want to cruelly beat him up with just a single glance toward him.


"What is Luo Fan thinking? He actually went to compete with a freshmen kid. It’s not like such a kid from a rubbish place would have any ability.”  A student from Yeats Academy proudly looked around the group of students of Holy Roland School. This time, they came to Long Xuan Empire for the sake of studying with the several Master Pharmacists. In several friendly matches, the students of the Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Branch were all annihilated.


Within the group of students who came here, the one with the worst strength still had strength similar to Shangguan Xiao, so compared to Holy Roland School’s other students, their existences were simply far higher than theirs.


"Exactly, the strength of the Pharmaceutical Branch of Holy Roland School is a tragic sight. If it weren’t for the few Master Pharmacists here, we wouldn’t have come here.” Since then, they had been winning, so the Yeats Academy’s students were overflowing with confidence.


Although Fang Qiu didn’t say anything, his face had the same arrogant expression.


The reason why the Pharmaceutical Branch of the Holy Roland School could still stand still in the Long Xuan Empire was entirely because of Ye Qing and several other Master Pharmacists in this place. The name of these masters when casually said could shock the entire continent. He didn’t know what Ouyang Huanyu did to have this group of Master Pharmacists flock around the Holy Roland School. It wasn’t only the other schools in Long Xuan Empire that wanted to draw them over to their side; even their Lan Yue Dynasty had always wanted to draw these Master Pharmacists over. But these people had iron hearts and unshakable decisions that no matter how much temptation they threw, they still would unhesitatingly refuse.


On one hand, Fang Qiu came over this time to bring the students to study, and on the other hand, the dean of the Yeats Academy entrusted him to try and see if he could take this opportunity to move these several great Buddhas. Coincidentally, he seldom had contact with Pu Lisi, a Master Pharmacist. And Luo Fan had also lived up to expectations of having good relations with Pu Lisi’s disciple, Shangguan Xiao.


The only unfortunate thing was that even after half a month since they had come to Holy Roland School, they still hadn’t seen Master Ye Qing’s figure.


However, winning Pu Lisi over was also a good outcome. So he was willing to turn a blind eye at Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao’s private transactions.

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