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Regardless of the results of this compet.i.tion, they would remember the brave and fearless Pharmaceutical Branch’s freshman student.



She was giving everything she had and was even risking her life to challenge the strong that they dared not challenge. Her guts were enough for everyone to admire.


After an hour had pa.s.sed, Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan completed their negative potions at almost the same time. The two poisonous snakes stood beside their finished potions and looked at the potion that Shen Yanxiao was concocting.


"Shangguan Xiao concocted a Concealed Poisonous Potion, while Luo Fan…” Ye Qing pensively looked at the two bottles of potions, and his face didn’t look good.


"That potion in his hands seems to be a Chaos Potion.”


"The Chaos Potion?” After Luo De heard it, he turned pale with fright.


Concealed Poisonous Potion might be widely known as a terrible potion, but it wasn't without antidote. On the other hand, just even thinking about the Chaos Potion would make one tremble.


Even though the toxicity of Concealed Poisonous Potion was very strong, as long as people had a certain understanding of it, then they could concoct its antidote within a very short period of time and remove its toxicity. But the Chaos Potion, as the name suggested, would cause a huge chaos in the state of the internal body after drinking it, causing the Concealed Poisonous Potion to spread faster. Aside from that, this would also cause the Concealed Poisonous Potion’s toxicity to rise beyond measure.


Not only could a bottle of Concealed Poisonous Potion cause the pharmacist’s five senses to decline into half, it could also cause a huge injury to the human body that would result in that person to feel fatigue and pain. Now, if coupled with the Chaos Potion, nevermind the huge changes in the effects of Concealed Poisonous Potion, the damage by the combination of both potions wasn’t something an average person could withstand anymore.


If the most important parts of a Pharmacist, the five senses, were destroyed, then not only could they not control the weight of the herbs properly, they also wouldn’t be able to smell the changes in the scent. It was possible that even the potion they were most familiar with would end up into a failure. Adding to that, the body pain they would feel would be so unbearable that they would take a lot of willpower and endurance to stay clear-headed. Under such situation, a.n.a.lyzing the ingredients of the negative potion and concocting the antidote were almost an impossible task to complete.


Furthermore, there was another variable that was hard for a person to control —the Chaos Potion.


This was simply a death game of chess!


Luo De was already drenched in cold sweat. He could never have imagined that the negative potion that Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan would concoct would have such horrible effects.


Even if he had confidence in the talent of Shen Yanxiao, he was still so afraid that he was already dripping in cold sweat for her.


Needless to think, with Shangguan Xiao’s and Luo Fan’s experiences, such a great combination absolutely couldn’t be their idea. All this must be Pu Lisi’s manipulation behind the scene.


For a Master Pharmacist to actually be so ruthless towards the younger generation really made people feel ashamed.


Even the gentle Ye Qing, after realizing this situation, revealed an unpleasant expression.


However, all of this was the chess game that Pu Lisi had planned before the match, so even he couldn’t say anything about it.


"Master Ye Qing, can you pull Shen Jue out ah! Pu Lisi is obviously trying to kill Shen Jue. If Shen Jue really did drink these two bottles of potions, I’m afraid that in this life he can no longer concoct any potion again!” Luo De was really anxious. He couldn’t just watch Shen Jue be ruined before him. His heart was extremely angry at Pu Lisi’s shamelessness that he had already started directly cutting out the word ‘master’ before his name.


Ye Qing shook his head helplessly.


Pharmacists had their own rules among themselves; once a compet.i.tion had started, no one could intervene.

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