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Ouyang Huanyu replied, "It was originally intended that Pu Lisi will go over, but his disciple suddenly encountered a problem. Now, he is on his way to Lan Yue Dynasty, so you can let the people in Lan Yue Dynasty contact him. I have already spoke to him."


The person in black cloak thought for a moment before he replied, "There’s that guy in Lan Yue Dynasty. There should be no problem with Pu Lisi. But this side, haven’t you persuade Ye Qing yet?”


Shen Yanxiao’s heart skipped a beat. They actually wanted Ye Qing!


Ouyang Huanyu had a helpless look as he sighed loudly, "Ye Qing is stubborn. It has been so many years, yet I still haven’t seen a sign of him yielding. I did not dare to elaborate with him at the moment."


“Is Ye Qing so hard to deal with? After all these years you haven't persuaded him, he's a real piece of wood. But in any case, you have to send a Master Pharmacist as soon as possible. If not Ye Qing, then other Master Pharmacist can also barely cope." the person in black cloak reluctantly said.


"I’ll arrange it in a few days." Ouyang Huanyu nodded his head.


"By the way, what's the situation on Yun Qi’s side? The old man has been here for years now, have you changed his mind?" The guy in black cloak suddenly talked about Yun Qi, making the hidden Shen Yanxiao alarmed abruptly.


After mentioning Yun Qi, Ouyang Huanyu’s brow creased up immediately.


"Don’t mention him. His stubbornness and unyielding att.i.tude was like a stone, refusing to take in oil or salt [1]. Usually, I will say a few words to him, and the old fellow will speak only to drive people away."


[1]  being stubborn and refusing to listen or consider it / things


The person in black cloak made a low laugh.


"He really is still the same as before. When that person and I has been trying to draw him over to our side, he always avoided us. At last, he simply hid in the mountains and the deep forests. He hasn’t changed a bit in years. But even if you can’t rope him in, you absolutely cannot let him leave your sight, let alone restore his strength. Otherwise, he will be a big problem to us.”


"This, you can rest a.s.sured. I have changed the formula I've given to Ye Qing, so even after another hundred years, Yun Qi can never get a true Blood Feast Potion. But during this times, he has received a disciple."


"Disciple? That old guy actually still dared to accept a disciple. Had he already forgotten what happened to all of his students before?” A malicious smile appeared on the face of the person in black cloak.


"Since you can’t move Yun Qi, might as well start from his disciple. Although the old guy’s strength has declined a lot, his achievements in Warlock path are unparalleled. Making him really want to teach, I believe his disciple isn’t too bad. If you can, you can pull that disciple over. The old guy has always attached great importance to his apprentice, so if we can hold his disciple in our hands, I am not afraid of him not submitting.”


Ouyang Huanyu glanced at the guy in black cloak and helplessly said, "The problem is that I haven’t yet figure out who his disciple is. I have been waiting in the Warlock Branch, but after so long I have found nothing. I don’t know what method did that kid used to escape my Perception Magic."


The person in black cloak was obviously a little surprised.


"Escape your Perception Magic? As far as I know, there is something in Yun Qi’s body that can accomplish such a feat. But this stuff is his treasured object, and he would not easily give it to people. When the Warlocks had perished, he used that thing to escaped the pursuit of several countries. Such a life-saving charm, he can easily give it away? You'd better pay attention.”


"I understand." Ouyang Huanyu nodded.

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