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She would not let anyone know unless it was absolutely essential.


"Big brother Siyu, fifth uncle, you’ve rushed a long way just to get here. I will go and get some food and drink, you first take a break." Shen Yanxiao reorganized her emotions, and then smiled and opened her mouth.


If there was another person in Vermillion Bird Clan that deserved her care aside from Shen Feng, then it was only this kind big brother who had always shown his loving concern to that once young idiot.


Although the time when she had contact with Shen Siyu wasn't that much, she could feel that this elder brother was genuinely good to her.


"No need to trouble you, we have already eaten on the way. Your fourth uncle also came, but he went to the Magic Branch and Dou Qi Branch." Shen Siyu smilingly shook his head. He just met her again and didn't want to see this younger sister running around busy.


As soon as Shen Yue was mentioned, Shen Yanxiao revealed a disapproving look. At the moment, Shen Yue went to the two branches to look for those two brats. If she didn't absolutely have to meet him, she would not do it!


Shen Siyu pulled Shen Yanxiao and asked her about her situation in the Pharmaceutical Branch these days. Hearing Shen Yanxiao said that everything was well, he also felt a little relieved.


Shen Ling, on the other hand, was silently standing at a side listening without opening his mouth.


But he was actually surprised in his heart. Regarding Shen Yanxiao, this niece of his, Shen Ling didn't know much. He only knew once that this was his sixth brother's child. Whether she was an idiot or a fool, at least she was his own younger brother's blood. It's just that he was not too concerned about the family matters. He was only obsessed with his own affairs and didn't care much about the kid.


Shen Yanxiao used to be foolish in the past, but just a few months ago, Shen Yanxiao's changes truly shocked people.


However, before he could get a closer look at this niece, she had left the imperial capital and went to Holy Roland School. Today, watching hers and Shen Siyu's conversation, Shen Ling had to re-evaluate this niece of his. Clearly, she was only 13 years old. Her tone of voice and thoughts were very stable, her words were very appropriate, and she had an appearance that would not let people worry.


Compared to Shen Yanxiao, Shen Ling thought that the two little brats of Shen Yue's home were actually the troublesome ones. Extremely pampered and reckless, and wouldn't spare people from worrying.


After a while, sound of footsteps came from outside the dorm room.


The next second, the door to Shen Yanxiao's dorm room was rudely kicked open.


Shen Yue stood by the door with an aloof face, followed by the two brats, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei.


"Why are you still here with this waste... Does this little guy has something to talk about?" Shen Yue stared at Shen Yanxiao with a frown. Although Shen Feng had already designated Shen Yanxiao as the next clan head, Shen Yue's heart was still very unconvinced. He always thought that Shen Yanxiao only obtained the Vermillion Bird because of good luck.


And so he never had the slightest fear of such a kid.


In his heart, Shen Yanxiao was still that idiot waste as before.


Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi stood behind their father like two proud peac.o.c.ks. They had apparently come out from the shadow of their previous defeat in Vermillion Bird’s hand, and just like before, were looking down on Shen Yanxiao.


"Fourth brother, what are you so anxious to do?" Shen Siyu and Shen Yanxiao hadn't had the time to open their mouths yet when Shen Ling disapprovingly looked at his brother.


Shen Ling was a very old-fas.h.i.+oned person. No matter how Shen Yanxiao was, so long as Shen Yanxiao was designated as the next clan head, he would treat her as the future head of the clan.

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