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"However, if you just leave him like this, then once he woke up, he is likely to continue killing you."


Just when the two people were hesitating to deal with the handsome youth, the handsome youth who had awoken suddenly issued a soft sound.


He woke up!


Vermillion Bird kept Shen Yanxiao behind him in the first moment, then solemnly stared at the faintly awakened Little Feng.


Little Feng clutched his head as he sat up, a pair of good-looking eyebrows tightly wrinkled together.


Uncle Jiu held his breath, who would have imagined that this Killing G.o.d would actually wake up at this time.


The bas.e.m.e.nt was quiet, and everyone was nervous because of the awakening of the handsome youth.


"Uh..." The handsome youth shook his painful head, then looked confusedly at the three figures in front of him.


"Two birds..."


"..." Shen Yanxiao froze for a moment. The two birds that this handsome youth was saying were Vermillion Bird and the small Phoenix.




The indifference and killing intent from this handsome youth's eyes had vanished. His dark eyes were filled with confusion and doubts, without the slightest intention to attack.


Shen Yanxiao's mind flashed a thought. She impressively walked out from behind Vermillion Bird all of a sudden and approached the bed of the handsome youth step by step.


Vermillion Bird simply could not believe that his own master would actually be crazy at this time.


Did she not know how horrible this kid was?!


The fusion of seven great races, even he was not sure if he could fully contend with this boy before him.


Sitting on the bed, the handsome youth tilted his head and looked at Shen Yanxiao who was approaching him step by step.


A familiar smell sprang into his nose, causing his small nose to move. The handsome youth then blinked his ignorant eyes and hesitantly called, "Sister..."


Shen Yanxiao, who had gotten close to him, was dumbfounded. She could not believe that this Killing G.o.d actually called her... Sister?!


Was he familiar with her?!


"Is this the legendary chick mentality [1 ]? How come, ah, you're not even the first one he saw!!!" Vermillion Bird was speechless.


[1] Chick Mentality - the first person the chick sees will be considered as the mother at the chick’s eyes. Just like with Phoenix and the Vermillion Bird, since the moment he opened his eyes he called her, ‘sister’.


Uncle Jiu was also shocked.


Shen Yanxiao stood stiffly in place and she did not know what to do.


"Sister, it hurts." There was a look of suffering on the handsome youth's exquisite face. Touching his head which was. .h.i.t by Vermillion Bird, he looked pitifully at Shen Yanxiao.


"..." Shen Yanxiao's mood was very complicated.


Being stared at by this Killing G.o.d with such pure eyes, and also using such a spoiled voice to call her sister, this feeling...


Was really indescribable.


When the handsome youth saw Shen Yanxiao did not move, he felt somewhat wronged and moved his body. He walked out of bed and slowly walked before Shen Yanxiao, then he grabbed Shen Yanxiao's hand and put it on his own aching head before he pitifully said, "Sister, blow on it."


"…" Enough! What was his problem acting cute like this?!


When Uncle Jiu heard the words of the handsome youth, his eye became red.


"Blowing when something hurts, this is what I used to teach this child." Uncle Jiu was tearing up.


Shen Yanxiao stared at the present tiger seeking for a touch and hug, a Killing G.o.d seeking for love. Her mouth twitched as she lifted up her other hand, stiffly touching his head with both hands, her mouth made some futile blows.


"When sister blows on it, Little Feng doesn’t hurt." Who would tell her why should she coax this Killing G.o.d just like coaxing a child?


Shen Yanxiao stiff movements cause the handsome youth to smile. A moment ago, this was a Killing G.o.d who dug out people's hearts, and now, his face was blooming with an innocent bright smile.


This absolute idiot was easier to hoodwink than the silly Vermillion Bird!!

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