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The ten-day journey, with Vermillion Bird's full speed flight, only took a day and a half. Shen Yanxiao arrived nearby Holy Roland School.


For fear that Vermillion Bird's beast form would arouse unnecessary trouble, Shen Yanxiao directly led Vermillion Bird with small Phoenix and Lan Fengli to the casino.


With reluctance in Lan Fengli's eyes, Shen Yanxiao waved goodbye at the three and rushed to Holy Roland School alone.


However, when she walked into Holy Roland School after two months of absence, she got a depressing news.


Just yesterday, all branches of Holy Roland School had completed their tryouts and last night, every student and instructor who would partic.i.p.ate in the school tournament had already traveled to where the school tournament would be held - the Snow Blowing City.


Shen Yanxiao had missed the tryouts and did not qualify for the school tournament...


Shen Yanxiao was very depressed and could not wait to die at the entrance of Holy Roland School.


Rus.h.i.+ng at full speed didn't save her from misery at all ah!


In the moment of despair, Shen Yanxiao suddenly thought of something.


She could understand if it was about the tryouts for Archer Branch and Pharmaceutical Branch, but...


Where did the Warlock Branch, which only had her as a student, find a replacement?


Holding the last glimmer of hope, Shen Yanxiao slipped into the Warlock branch and rushed madly all the way to the Library.


In the Library, Yun Qi saw Shen Yanxiao and his eyes revealed a trace of doubt.


"Where does the little brat came from? Do you not know that anyone cannot casually enter the Warlock Branch?" He thought that his disciple had returned, in the end, a kid who he did not know unexpectedly popped up in front of him.


Shen Yanxiao was stupefied for a moment, then she remembered that because she was in a rush, her face was still covered with the face-changing mask belonging to Huo Xiao.


She showed a wry smile and said, "Master, it's me."


Yun Qi was startled by the familiar voice, he impressively stood up at once.


"Shen Yanxiao, my disciple... is that you?"


Shen Yanxiao nodded.


Yun Qi's face immediately revealed a surprise expression.


"You little guy, where have you been all this time? Your master is already this old and cannot bear this kind of anxiousness." Yesterday, watching the Holy Roland School partic.i.p.ants for the school tournament departed, Yun Qi's mood could be said to have fallen to the bottom.


Not seeing the figure of his little disciple every pa.s.sing day, he had almost given up all hope.


He did not expect that early in the morning, his long-lost disciple would incredibly come back!


Shen Yanxiao scratched her head and said somewhat helpless," It's a long story, master can I still partic.i.p.ate in the school tournament?"


Yun Qi replied, "Of course! Why can’t you! You came back just in time!"


"But did not others already departed for Snow Blowing City?"


"Others are other people, you are you. That old man Ouyang Huanyu had been running back and forth here and had been asking me no less than ten times whether the Warlock Branch will partic.i.p.ate or not. I have been biting to death saying that you will attend. Yesterday, he came again and asked why he cannot see the figure of the Warlock Branch representative. I found an excuse to fool him. Don't worry, as long as you came back, everything else is not a problem. We'll leave now and immediately go to Snow Blowing City, we should then be able to catch up in the school tournament!" Yun Qi was extremely excited. He had thought that there was no longer any hope, but then he saw the light once again.


Shen Yanxiao was greatly relieved. Although she did not grab the position in the Archer Branch and Pharmaceutical Branch, in any case, she still had such a trump card like the Warlock Branch!

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