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Tang Nazhi was also not unreasonable as he agreed with her condition.


Pretty soon, the drumbeat of battle resounded inside the temporary ring.


The pa.s.sers-by on the sidelines looked very excited. Most of who came to Snow Blowing City were combative people. Apart from being in a battle themselves, they also love to see other people’s fight.


Two successive battles made the blood of these battle madmen boiling.


The only drawback was that the little guy on the temporary ring looked really useless.


A thirteen-year-old appearance, thin and small physique; it was truly difficult to have any hope for her.


Then looking at Tang Nazhi, handsome with extraordinary deportment, slender stature, strong physique, and he had reached the level of Senior Swordsman; such talent in the younger generation could almost put a pressure to those warlords.


The strength of that Magician just now was also not bad which was the peak of Intermediate level; yet, he was still no match for this tyrannical Senior Swordsman and was sent out flying.


And now, this little guy that jumped out so suddenly, whom even that Magician could probably beat up, actually had the courage to challenge that Senior Swordsman.


People did not know whether to applaud for her bravery or to sigh at her stupidity.


Tang Nazhi stood opposite Shen Yanxiao, staring at the completely strange little guy. The sword in his hands was hanging down, seemingly not intending to launch an attack first.


Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow, and before everyone's sight, she took out the Purple Baron from her storage ring.


The dark purple bow appeared in the crowd's sight, and the night seemed to cast a mysterious veil on the bow.


In that dark purple bow, few s.h.i.+ny crystallic nucleus were inlaid. Against the background lights, it was suffused with a dazzling radiance.


"This guy is an Archer?" The onlookers guessed Shen Yanxiao's profession based on her weapon.


Inside the battle ring, the most dominant were the Swordsmen and Knights. Both of them not only had a high attack power, but also had a strong defensive ability.


Compared to the Swordsmen and Knights, Archers and Magicians became very vulnerable inside a ring.


Both professions needed a certain distance in order to inflict a damage to the opponent using their explosive attacks. In the vast gra.s.slands and overgrown forests and woods, Archers and Magicians had a unique advantage.


It was possible for them to draw a distance from the opponent while the melee cla.s.s professions would be crumbling to death.


But within the small s.p.a.ce of the ring, there was no room for them to play.


The Archers' mobility was very high, but the ring with little s.p.a.ce wouldn't provide them any leeway to exhibit their real abilities. Archers' defense was very low, once they had been drawn closer to the enemy, since their resistance was not as good as the Priests, they would definitely fall into a pa.s.sive state once attacked in such a close distance.


This entire temporary ring was only less than 10 square meters, there was too little s.p.a.ce for Archers to play.


Furthermore, the other side was also an extremely powerful Swordsman with a thick offense. Once Tang Nazhi close his distance to the Archer, then it would indicate that everything was over.


Almost no one was optimistic about Shen Yanxiao who was holding a bow in her hands. In such a ground, there was almost nothing comparable between the Archer and the Swordsman.


Unless the gap in their level was large; otherwise, the Archer had no hope of winning.


However, when Tang Nazhi saw the Purple Baron in Shen Yanxiao's hands, his eyes revealed a trace of astonishment.

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