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Tang Nazhi was very depressed, he was more depressed than anyone else.


Looking at his three curious unkind companions, he could only sigh and say, "If I say I fought with others on the condition that if I lose, the other party can draw a tortoise on Shen Jiayi's face, and the result is that I actually lost, will you believe it?"


Qi Xia and co exchanged a looked between themselves.


They might ridicule him a bit but they were very clear about Tang Nazhi's strength. Nevermind Holy Roland School where it could not be seen with any Swordsman student that could confront him, even if one was to look in the entire Long Xuan Empire, there was absolutely not a single person of the same age who could fight with Tang Nazhi.


"What kind of immortal did you provoke?" Qi Xia’s eyes were full of smiles.


Tang Nazhi glanced at him and said with a low voice, "Now... Would you believe me if I say that the person who was in the ring with me might be Little Xiao?"


With this remark, the expressions of the three animals had become somewhat weird.


"You mean, you just fought Little Xiao?" Qi Xia raised his eyebrow.


Tang Nazhi’s face turned white as he glanced at him and exclaimed, "Please try to learn! Am I the kind of person who will needlessly fight!"


The three animals responded with their eyes — yes!


Tang Nazhi coughed up blood.


"Tell us what you've just been through, I will a.n.a.lyze it." Qi Xia smilingly said.


And so, Tang Nazhi narrated everything that had happened systematically and in full detail.


Qi Xia touched his chin, thoughtfully squinting his eyes at the depressed Tang Nazhi.


"You're saying, you battled another person to defend Shen Jiayi and after defeating him, you encountered a little guy who was likely Little Xiao and who had defeated you?" According to Tang Nazhi's story, Qi Xia was almost certain that the kid whose actions did not follow common sense, was definitely Shen Yanxiao, no doubt!


Shen Yanxiao's match against Wan Li in the Archer Branch had almost become sensational throughout the whole school, that those marvelous skills of hers were still fresh in their memories.


In this world, was there another kid who could show an Archer skill that ordinary people had never seen or heard of? It must really be Shen Yanxiao.


Moreover, according to Tang Nazhi, that arrow did not actually hit him but still left scratches on his face. When Yan Yu was treating Tang Nazhi's cheeks, he discovered that there was a trace of corrosive magic residue on the wounds. This magic could only be used by Warlocks; in addition, Tang Nazhi's situation before wherein he could not move at all was as if he was under a curse.


A person who was capable of using a bow and a curse technique.


In the entire Radiance Continent, they were afraid that only that little fellow who had gone for two months now could be that person.


"I didn't know it was Little Xiao." Tang Nazhi felt that he had been wronged. If he had known it earlier, why would he even fight with her?


"Actually, I think the crucial point is not that." Yan Yu looked at Tang Nazhi in a strange way.


"Ah?" Tang Nazhi stared at Yan Yu a bit confused.


"Suppose, that person is really Little Xiao, with her understanding of you, it seems she had always seen you as some unqualified Pharmacist. And the result is that in today's reunion, you were actually using the Swordsman skills battling with others... " Yan Yu's tone infinitely prolonged, then gradually weakened, leaving only a chill in Tang Nazhi's heart.


Tang Nazhi was completely dumbstruck.


Yan Yu's words were like a blow to his head, causing a buzzing noise.


In this dramatic encounter, they were afraid that the message Shen Yanxiao had left could only mean one thing:


Tang Nazhi was a shameless big liar!

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