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After the semi-finals, those who qualified for the finals would have one day off; a good time to regain their strength and prepare for the next match.

But another big piece of news came out at the end of the semi-finals.

In the finals, there would be seven players to partic.i.p.ate, and one of them was a Warlock— a profession that had long vanished in the Radiance Continent!

This news was like a bomb that exploded in the crowd. Everyone's topic was moved away from Qi Xia and others. Instead, the focus of the crowd was now on the Warlock who had advanced directly to the finals.

Warlocks had long been the scourge of the Radiance Continent. Not a single Warlock had ever appeared in front of people for so many years.

It never occurred to anyone that there would actually be a Warlock appearing in the school tournament this time.

The busybodies began to inquire about which school was so tough as to dare take such a big risk to admit a Warlock into their school and also sign them up for the school tournament.

Finally, people found out that the Warlock came from Holy Roland School, but no one knew who the person really was. Holy Roland School remained silent on the matter without revealing a single word.

The mysterious and dangerous Warlock had become the most popular topic of this day in Snow Blowing City.

The students and head branches of Holy Roland School were all feeling wronged. It was not they were deliberately concealing it, but it was because they themselves did not know who the Warlock was. All of this was the arrangement of Ouyang Huanyu.

But who would have imagined?

Even Ouyang Huanyu was also wronged. Not that he did not want to say it, but he also had no idea what kind of immortal world the little Warlock was coming from. And even until the day before the finals, he was still not able to see the kid.

He wasn't even sure if Yun Qi would really show up with his mysterious disciple on the day of the finals.

While Ouyang Huanyu was feeling uneasy, Yun Qi came to find him. Without any explanation, he told him that his disciple would play tomorrow for the Holy Roland School Warlock Branch.

On one side, Ouyang Huanyu breathed a sigh of relief, while on the other side, he secretly spat on Yun Qi's approach. Even until the last day, this old man was still stubbornly hiding his own disciple, not wanting people to have a glimpse of him.

But tomorrow, no matter how much he wanted to hide him, he would not be able to do so anymore.

Ouyang Huanyu knew that Yun Qi had been grieving for a long time for the decline of the Warlock profession, and that he was always looking forward to the day when the Warlocks could rise again. That was why he had been stubbornly guarding every inch of the Warlock Branch.

The outcome of the school tournament was very meaningful for Yun Qi. He would never give up such a chance to make the Warlock profession rise again.

As for him, he just needed to calmly wait and see. Tomorrow, he could finally see the true ident.i.ty of the little Warlock!

At the same time, Shen Jiayi shrunk into her bed while holding a mirror in her hand. Her red and swollen eyes were staring at that bare head in the mirror, her eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with shame and resentment.

Seven days ago, when she woke up, she saw the bed full of black threads of hair, making her dumb as a wooden chicken.

There was not a single hair on her bald head, and even her eyebrows had been shaved clean.

Shen Jiayi, who had always put so much importance on her appearance, simply could not withstand such a blow. These past few days, she confined herself behind closed doors, not wanting to let anyone see her current appearance.

"Sister, tomorrow is the finals, you're not going to watch it?" As the only man to see Shen Jiayi's miserable appearance, Shen Jiawei sat cautiously on the chair and did not dare to look at the bed.

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