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"I really did not know him."

"You are courting death." Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow. Her expression hinting that she was going to strangle him if he uttered another word of nonsense.

Tang Nazhi was depressed and frustrated.

"Listen to me!"

"Say it!"

"Really, this thing is embarra.s.sing to say. That Li Xiaowei should be my half-brother. My father used to have a lover when he was young, but my grandfather didn't agree with them. So he made them broke up and arranged my father and my mother together, then my mother gave birth to me. It's been two years since my father mentioned such a thing to me, and about me having a brother, I just have heard it not long ago." Tang Nazhi explained honestly.

Tang Nazhi's father held a great deal of guilt towards his former lover.  He had sought for her several times wanting to compensate, but what he received was the news of his deceased former lover, followed by another news which was about Li Xiaowei.

Li Xiaowei was the child born from the love between Tang Nazhi's father and his former lover. When the woman was forced to leave Tang Nazhi's father, she found out that she was pregnant and gave birth to Li Xiaowei afterward. But she did not tell a word about it to the people of Black Tortoise Clan. She then died in a plague a few years ago while living alone with her child.

Li Xiaowei was left alone in this world to fend for himself. Tang Nazhi's father felt very guilty. Time and time again, he asked Li Xiaowei to return to the Black Tortoise Clan to be recognized by his ancestral home. But he was mercilessly rebuffed.

Tang Nazhi did not expect that he would actually encounter his brother in this school tournament. The thought that her mother robbed someone else's husband, and he himself robbed someone else's father, he could not help but feel guilty towards the two people. So he could not bring himself to fight him and could only let Li Xiaowei shoot him. The result, he had been shot into a hedgehog.

"I owe him this, I have nothing to say. Little Xiao, do what you have to do in the afternoon match, don't worry about my matters. But you don't have to get angry at him because I hurt myself, ah, he.... he's also really pitiful." Tang Nazhi grabbed his hair and felt a bit upset.

He was not a shrewd person and naturally did not know how to handle this kind of things.

He always felt that he owed him a lot, but he was not good at expressing himself. So he could only become a target and be beaten obediently.

The other four people in the room quietly listened. They did not expect to actually hear a gossip within the Black Tortoise Clan.

"I won't mess with him. You can rest a.s.sured." Shen Yanxiao probably understood Tang Nazhi's entangled feelings at this moment.

Tang Nazhi was unwilling to talk more about the matter, and the crowd was not an idiot so they naturally did not say anything further.

The topic was then pulled to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao's stunning appearance almost blinded the eyes of everyone in the venue.

Her face was so peerlessly beautiful that even the four animals who was familiar with her had been severely shocked.

At that time, because of their shock, they did not notice that there was a red flame mark in between Shen Yanxiao's eyebrows. This mark was the sign of her contract with the Mythological Beast Vermillion Bird.

"I thought that you, little girl, was already very surprising. Unexpectedly, there are still many things you have hidden in your hands. It's really hard to believe." Yan Yu smiled and looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao touched the tip of her nose and said somewhat embarra.s.sed, "I didn't mean to hide it. It's just that my face could really stir things up. I merely want to learn some skills in school, so I hid my ident.i.ty and appearance. As for Vermillion Bird, since it is something that is also related to my clan, so I did not tell." Shen Yanxiao showed a hint of apology for concealing things. The four animals were really sincere to her, so she naturally would not deal with them courteously but without sincerity.

Riches were easy to get, but real friends were hard to find; she understood this very well.

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