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Vermillion Bird was really considering frying these people up!

"Is there something wrong?" Shen Yanxiao did not want Vermillion Bird to cause a ruckus in here. She quickly touched Vermillion Bird on his small head to appease his anger, poking the small Phoenix squatting on Vermillion Bird's head in the process.

Qi Xia and others' expressions were very complex. They looked like they were having a hard time believing that the tiny child in front of them was Vermillion Bird's human form.

"Aye, let's just summon them out, then we don't have to explain." Qi Xia sighed and exchanged glances with Tang Nazhi and others.

In the next second, four lights emerged in the room.

After the lights faded, four tall and handsome figures impressively appeared in the room.

The moment the four figures appeared, Vermillion Bird's whole body was startled.

"This is my family's Qilin." Qi Xia pointed to the elegant beautiful blond-haired man who stood by his side.

Qilin's human countenance was extraordinarily handsome. His straight-up eyebrows had a hint of arrogance, and his pair of brown eyes were filled with an imposing aura.

"White Tiger." Yan Yu introduced with a smile. Standing beside him was the White Tiger in his human form. His entire body was clad in a snow-white dress, his silver hair hanging on his shoulders, and his dark eyes with the natural overbearingness of a king.

"Azure Dragon." The Azure Dragon on Yang Xi's side had a particularly tall stature. His cyan robes was a stark contrast to his temperament. His long hair was colored in deep green, and his eyes green jade. One could see some of not yet fully molded cyan dragon scales on his neck.

"Black Tortoise." Tang Nazhi smiled and patted the shoulder of the handsome man next to him. Black Tortoise's brown hair was elegant, his handsome face with a touch of aloofness.

The type of beauty that these four Mythological Beasts had was in no way inferior to their masters', furthermore, the four animals didn't possess their composure and overbearingness.

When Shen Yanxiao saw the human forms of the four Mythological Beasts, she suddenly realized the reason for Qi Xia and co's strange reactions.

Vermillion Bird had an equal status with these four. But after changing into human form, they turned into such magnificent handsome men, their appearance in the early twenties, and their body tall and straight.

Then turning around and looking at the stiff Vermillion Bird on her side, Shen Yanxiao finally awakened.

They were all the same Mythological Beasts, yet those people's forms was that of a magnificent beautiful male, while her family's one was a three-year-old silly adorable creature...

The visual disparity, was basically extremely big!

"What's with that look! I also can become a beautiful man!" Vermillion Bird felt his master's strange gaze and immediately jumped up to protest!

"Gee, long time no see Vermillion Bird. Who would have thought that you actually will be reduced to that." The n.o.ble Qilin surveyed Vermillion Bird in a three-year-old appearance from head to toe, his eyes with a deep smile.

"Who told you to mind my matters!" Vermillion Bird roared back, brandis.h.i.+ng his fangs.

"Your temper has not changed at all." The solemn Azure Dragon raised an eyebrow.

"Ah! You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, why not sleep for another hundred and eighty years! I feel annoyed seeing your faces!" Vermillion Bird stormed out of his seat after roaring in anger.

"Don't display such a big temper. We have not seen each other for a hundred years. Whatever happens, we still have our friends.h.i.+p." The domineering White Tiger spoke.

"Friends.h.i.+p your sister. Who has a friends.h.i.+p with you? Hurry and get out of my eyes and die!" Vermillion Bird waved his small fist. He did not want to live anymore. Such a contrast between him and these few Mythological Beasts was actually seen by his own master. He must not lose even more face!

"Are you trying to pick a fight?" The calm Black Tortoise hooked his lips up and chuckled. Looking at the little guy who was not even the height of his thigh, his eyes were filled with a hint of teasing.

"I am so what?! I guess you won't be enough!" Vermillion Bird was not showing even the slightest sign of weakness.

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