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The advantage of the Archer lay in their long-range attack. Their attack could last a long time. Moreover, with their agility, it would be difficult to close in on them.

Swordsman and Magician were more advantageous than the Archer in this kind of battle, but Shen Yanxiao was a Warlock.

However, she was also an Archer, so she understood Archers more than Yun Qi.

She had also paid attention to Li Xiaowei's battles before. The talent as an Archer of this dark horse was definitely not low. Both his accuracy and timing were very remarkable. He was also very good at diversion tactics. Very often, after escaping his first attack, the subsequent arrow was his real killing move.

If she was to confront him with the same Archer ident.i.ty, Shen Yanxiao estimated that she could end the game after half an hour at most.

But she insisted on fighting using only her Warlock skills.

That meant, she had to evade his intensive arrow attacks and keep up with the speed of Li Xiaowei to close their distance, and then release her curse techniques.

While Shen Yanxiao was thinking of a way to deal with Li Xiaowei, Li Xiaowei, who stood opposite Shen Yanxiao, was also thinking of a method to deal with her.

Archer had a great advantage over the Warlock, which was known to all.

Although the views of many people towards the Warlock had produced a little change because of the match in the morning, the deep-rooted prejudices made them unwilling to see the Warlock's victory.

On top of that, the Archer's long-range attacks were a terrible problem for the Warlock, so they would inevitably think that Shen Yanxiao's good luck would not last.

In order for Warlock to cast a curse on others, they must be within a certain range first. But the Archer's attack range had far exceeded the scope of the curse techniques. Therefore, Li Xiaowei could always pull away from Shen Yanxiao and beat her with his bow and arrows!

In fact, Li Xiaowei did just like that.

In the beginning of the match, he immediately fired an arrow towards Shen Yanxiao. The direction of each attack was very tricky, a little carelessness would make you fall into a trap.

Shen Yanxiao quickly cast herself a speed-up curse technique, dodging the oncoming arrows head-on.

Among the seven professions, the Archer was the fastest. On one side, Li Xiaowei kept on attacking, while on the other, he would pull their distance apart. He was very confident that as long as he did not allow the Warlock Shen Yanxiao to get close, he would be able to win this match.

The speed of the dou qi professions was much faster than that of the magic professions. The essence of dou qi lay in the muscles and bones while magic lay in the spiritual power. Hence, the physique of those with a dou qi profession was slightly stronger, which was an advantage itself of the dou qi profession.

Therefore, Li Xiaowei never thought that Shen Yanxiao could be faster than him.

Although she could accelerate her speed using her curse technique, the time was just too short. Even if she wanted to close their distance, it was almost impossible.

But soon, Li Xiaowei learned how naive his thoughts were.

Shen Yanxiao suddenly sped up, her pet.i.te figure turning into a meteor rus.h.i.+ng towards Li Xiaowei at an alarming speed.

Li Xiao Wei was secretly frightened. He quickly evacuated his position, but his speed was still a second slower than Shen Yanxiao.

A purple mist shrouded Li Xiaowei's body. Li Xiaowei quickly released an arrow, forcing Shen Yanxiao to retreat.

Shen Yanxiao retreated, her beautiful face exposing a touch of a smile.

Just a moment ago, she raised her speed to the limit. Even it was only for a mere five seconds, it was enough to get close to Li Xiaowei and cast a single curse technique on him.

For the rest of the time, she no longer needed to do anything!

After that rumbling thunder and flas.h.i.+ng lightning exchange, the two people had been separated again. The faint mist that surrounded Li Xiaowei had never dispersed.

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