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Such fierce fighting ignited the blood of the people within the venue. They cheered madly, for Qi Xia and also for Shen Yanxiao.

At this moment, they no longer had a prejudice against the Warlock. Some of them were solely wors.h.i.+pping the strong!

How incredible it was to have a Warlock who could release Magician’s attacks!

In addition, Shen Yanxiao had never used any sinister tricks since her previous battles until now. Right now, people had forgotten the intolerable past of the Warlock. The only thing they remember now was how amazing the Warlock was!

Intensive magical attacks exploded on the ring, sounds of cracking coming from the explosion. The corner of Shen Yanxiao's eyes flashed a smile. It was totally dangerous to exhaust your magic power and continue to confront Qi Xia!

Qi Xia had already entered the state of madness. The t.i.tle of a genius and his valiant strength made him unable to encounter a real opponent for a long time. The appearance of Shen Yanxiao had really made the blood that had long slept within him boiling once again.

Blazing flames were leaping over his eyes. His hands had never stopped waving the wand he was holding. Without chanting, Qi Xia was like a machine gun, constantly releasing powerful and terrifying attacks.

In the audience area, Yang Xi and Yan Yu perceived Qi Xia's state of madness. They were somewhat in a daze.

Having known Qi Xia for so many years, they could not remember how many years had it been since they last saw this friend of theirs in such an exciting battle.

Qi Xia's mightiness rendered every person who stood before him completely unable to fight back. All confrontations became mere games under his hands.

He was like a lion with sharp claws lazily lying in the sun, playing with every enemy who stood over him with his pair of thick claws.

In the presence of Qi Xia, those people were just like tamed white rabbits who had no ability to resist. They had no choice but to play with this lion.

Today, however, Qi Xia was truly excited. He finally encountered a little aberrant that could fight with him a hundred rounds!

Yang Xi and Yan Yu were shocked but felt worried in their hearts.

They could still remember how frightening Qi Xia was once his blood had been awakened.  If Tang Nazhi was a fighting madman, Qi Xia was the G.o.d of War!

Once his battle mode had been on, he will go on endlessly until one of them fell!

Right now, Qi Xia was like a wild beast roused by the smell of blood. Fighting was the only thing on his mind!

"Not good, if it goes on like this, Qi Xia will completely get out of control!" Yang Xi suddenly stood up. He had just seen Qi Xia used the Advanced Magician's magical attack. If they let him continue like this, they reckoned he would next released a Magister's magical attack.

With the Magister's magical attack, nevermind Shen Yanxiao, even this entire venue would probably be bombarded by him into ruins!

"Ah-Yu, you go with me!" Yang Xi dared not imagine what terrible thing Qi Xia would do in such a state of madness. He hurriedly called Yan Yu to rush to the center of the venue!

The issue now was not whether or not there would be a victor in the school tournament.  Qi Xia had already been unable to stop his magic. If this continued any further, he would drag all the people of the entire venue to be buried with him!

A Magister had already frightened the people, and under Shen Yanxiao replication, two Magister-level magical attacks would be a disaster!

Among the crowd, Ouyang Huanyu watched everything on the ring. Through the dust, he clearly saw Qi Xia's wand brewing a dazzling light.

"Magister's Light Field! This boy is actually a Magister!"

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