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Chapter 64-Suddenly Okay Part 1

The tremendous amount of vapor slowly spread outwards, and the reddish flame within the vapor revealed its original appearance.

After all of the vapor subsided, an immensely large, red-hot bird appeared before everyone's sight. A reddish-flame was raging and combusting above the large bird's unfolded pair of wings. Those pair of fiery wings that had unfolded practically filled up the broad cave.

This was the true body of the Vermillion Bird from the rumours—the mythological beast that controlled fire, and the one that controlled ten thousands of beasts!

Beneath the Vermillion Bird, a pet.i.te figure stood still.

On the small and common face of Shen Yanxiao, there appeared to be something different. Between her eyebrows, a red-coloured flame totem had quietly laid a brand. The vivid and lifelike totem was akin to a raging, combusting flame.

The sage silently looked at the scene before him, and a trace of a smile was exposed at the corner of his eyes.

At that moment, when Shen Yanxiao had signed the contract with the Vermillion Bird, Shen Yifeng's heart was like a dying ember. If it was said that he was previously incessantly vexed with regards to this matter, then after he'd personally seen the Vermillion Bird appear in beast form before his eyes, it could be said that the unwillingness in his heart could practically burn everything down.

What kind of formidable existence this was, ah!

The Vermillion Bird's formidability made all magical beasts seem far inferior in regards to it. After having personally witnessed the Vermillion Bird's strength, Shen Yifeng didn't dare to imagine that someday, in the future, just how was he himself going to look for a magical beast that belonged to him.

Having such a formidable Vermillion Bird before his eyes, no matter how much painstaking effort he'd spent, he too wouldn't be able to find a magical beast that could be compared to even one ten thousandth of the Vermillion Bird.

So unwilling! So unwilling, ah!

Even if Shen Yifeng were to be even more unwilling, he still couldn't change today's facts. Having Shen Jiayi's precedent placed as it was, and with the Vermillion Bird's warning resounding at his ears, who would still dare to expose the slightest bit of enmity towards Shen Yanxiao at this very moment.

He himself, obviously, was the strongest genius of the Vermillion Bird Clan, so why did the heavens want to tease him like this?!

The unwillingness in Shen Yifeng's heart was still like this. As for Shen Jiawei whom was flinching in the corner, his circ.u.mstances were even more terrible, but compared to the unwillingness he had, his heart was actually even more frightened.

Previously, the enticement of the Vermillion Bird had been presented to him, and there was Shen Jiayi helping him, so he'd already long forgotten the fear of Shen Yanxiao on that day. However, now, as he saw that pet.i.te figure standing below the body of the immensely large Vermillion Bird, the fear that was buried in the depths of his heart was once again evoked.

He was scared, scared that Shen Yanxiao whom now possessed the Vermillion Bird would become different compared to the past.

There was no one who was clearer than him in regards to the bullying that Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei had done to Shen Yanxiao for a long time now. He was afraid Shen Yanxiao would take her revenge, and with the Vermillion Bird's att.i.tude just now, if Shen Yanxiao gave a command to have him eliminated by the Vermillion Bird…

Shen Jiawei almost wanted to cry. If he had known earlier that there'd be a day like this for Shen Yanxiao, even if he had a hundred times the courage he had now, he wouldn't have gone and provoked this brat. Thinking about it again, he couldn't help but be even more frightened, for just now, his older sister had derided Shen Yanxiao. If the Vermillion Bird was to take out its anger in regards to this matter on he himself…

At this very moment, Shen Jiawei was only thinking of how to reduce his own presence. By all means, he mustn't let Shen Yanxiao take notice of himself!

He was still young, and he still didn't want to die!

It was very obvious that Shen Jiawei's worry was unnecessary.

After having just recently signing the contract with the Vermillion Bird, a trace of subtle changes occurred within her body. She was very certain that what she'd perceived had come from the Vermillion Bird's mood. Even if this stinky little bird was to not open its mouth, now she herself was able to know what it was thinking of.

Lifting her head, she looked at the huge monster whom was above her head, and the corner of Shen Yanxiao's mouth perked up in a brilliant smile.

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