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Chapter 78- The Concealed Concern and Care Part 2

“During that time, the cause of your parents' death was fishy, and when you were brought back, a definite diagnosis was made clear regarding your wisdom, stating that you had a congenital deficiency. Moreover that, throughout your lifetime, you'd be incapable of cultivating Dou Qi and magic. Seeing that that time where you were still in your infancy, I felt very bad, for I'm more clear than anyone else about the internal struggles of the Vermillion Bird Clan. You don't have any parents to rely on, and in regards to you, it's a fortunate thing that you're unable to cultivate Dou Qi and magic.” Shen Feng sighed.

Shen Yanxiao nodded. She understood that Shen Feng's implicit meaning was focused on that section of his wording. The Vermillion Bird Clan's branches were extremely numerous. The fight between Shen Duan and Shen Yue had been that ferocious already. If, during that time, she hadn't been a cripple, without the protection of her parents, it's very likely that she would've been secretly eliminated long ago by someone

Even if Shen Feng had had the intention to protect her, he was already getting on in age, and after he exhausted the last years of his life protecting her, she'd have no one to depend on once more. Shen Yue and the others would've had no lack of methods to deal with her then.

Shen Yanxiao's previous doubt instantly became clear because of Shen Feng's words.

Shen Feng's estrangement and neglect when regarding her were both undoubtedly a kind of protection. So long as it made other people feel like Shen Yanxiao wouldn't be a possible obstacle through the journey they were battling, she'd be genuinely safe. Shen Qiu's attending to her in the dark was certainly Shen Feng's incitation, and it was very likely that even Shen Siyu's doting had at least a small portion to do with Shen Feng.

After all, Shen Feng couldn't attach too much importance to her on the surface. He could only arrange for Shen Siyu, someone who didn't have any blood relations.h.i.+p with the Vermillion Bird Clan, to take care of her thoroughly.

Shen Yanxiao's eye sockets became slightly emitted wet for this dignified elderly man. From start to finish, he'd always been secretly scheming for her, so that in the future she'd have a way to survive. If there hadn't been Shen Feng's careful planning, it's very likely that she'd already have died.

Shen Yanxiao, who'd never felt familial love before, found it very hard to express the current emotions she felt in her heart. It was as if she was a little animal that'd always been tossed to the corner to emerge or perish on its own in the past, but had suddenly discovered that this whole time, there'd always been someone cautiously and solemnly attending to her.

As for Shen Feng's qualms, she understood his reasoning clearly. The more that she understood, the more that she felt that she was precious.

At that time, she was indeed an idiot—a trash—but also someone that looked completely different than Shen Yu. For Shen Feng to protect her in this way… it could be said that he'd exhausted a great amount of his life's blood into it.

Shen Yanxiao, for the first time, felt that her own voice was somewhat choked with sobs. She wasn't cold and ruthless. Merely, there'd never been anyone that have her treated as a human in her previous life. She, to the organisation, was merely a tool. And to her companions in the organisation, she had merely been a target to compete with. What she'd previously confronted was an infinite dog-eat-dog world, yet in this world, because of Shen Siyu, she'd begun to, for the first time ever, feel the warmth of being concerned and cared about by people.

“Grandfather.” Shen Yanxiao, for the first time, wholeheartedly called Shen Feng.

Even if she wasn't this body's genuine master,she'd taken its place as its master, and had lived on.She'd act as the original's replacement, and completely live her life as such.

Shen Feng's eye sockets were slightly red as he gratifyingly nodded his head. Rubbing his granddaughter's hair, he lovingly said, “It's been hard on you these past years, but now that you've reinstated your wisdom, and have also obtained the Vermillion Bird, grandfather will no longer need to be worried about you being bullied by your uncles anymore. Be at ease, so long as your grandfather's still around, you won't have anyone that can bully you again.” He'd originally wanted his granddaughter to proceed with the live of a mediocre persom—carefree and without worries. However, the Heavens forbade it, and had unexpectedly reinstated her wisdom. In that way, he certainly had the same expectations that he'd previously had for Shen Yu completely invested into this child's body.

“Xiaoxiao, now that you've become intelligent, there are some words that grandfather wants to tell you.”

“Do speak, grandfather.”

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