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Chapter 79- The Concealed Concern and Care Part 3

“Grandfather is already old, and even if I had the intention to take care of you, I'm afraid that I don't have many years left. Since you've obtained the Vermillion Bird, your uncles won't dare to to do anything to you, but you still nevertheless need the capability to defend yourself. On the surface, the 5 big clans appear to be harmonious, but their relations.h.i.+ps in private are nevertheless bad. Particularly of note is that, during these years where the 5 mythological beasts were lying dormant, the relations.h.i.+p between the five of us has worsened more and more. If you're to take the clan master seat of the Vermillion Bird Clan, then you certainly need to have your own ways of protecting yourself. Therefore, I've arranged for you to go to the Holy Roland School this time. When you arrive, you must diligently study.” Shen Feng's brow was tightly wrinkled. There were still many things that could happen in the future that had made him worried. Luckily, this small granddaughter of his had become very intelligent, and the things that he didn't point out, she'd already guessed at.

“However, I don't understand anything about things like medicine.” Shen Yanxiao was somewhat vexed, for she had the capability to cultivate both magic and Dou Qi, yet simply didn't have any knowledge or understanding whatsoever regarding medicine. Her understanding towards being a pharmacist basically stopped at those bottles of low-level face changing medicine that were expensive enough that they could scare people to death.

“There's no need to worry about that, grandfather wouldn't have you go and do things that completely lacked possibility.” Shen Feng laughed lightly as he pointed towards the woman n the picture scroll, whom was absolutely pretty, then said, “As for your mother, Wen Ya, people only knew her as the number one beauty of the Long Xuan Empire, but what they didn't know was that she was also an extremely powerful high-level pharmacist.”

“Eh?” Flabbergasted, Shen Yanxiao gazed down at the beautiful woman on the picture scroll, whose smiling appearance was like a flower, while she digested the information that she'd heard.

“Your mother's clan was very mysterious. When she appeared in the Long Xuan Empire, because of her good-lookingness, an awful lot of people took note of her. During that time, when your father was getting to know your mother, I too had specially dispatched people to look into your mother's ident.i.ty, however, nothing was found. Later, your father insisted on marrying her, and I wasn't in a position to say anything more. However, your mother seeked me out after their marriage, and told me that she possessed the abilities of a high-level pharmacist. However, she had me keep this matter confidential, and she could only secretly manufacture medicine and supply it to our clan.

After Wen Ya married into the Vermillion Bird Clan, the Vermillion Bird Clan's medicine supply once became the leader amongst the 5 large clans. The people's rumours state that the Vermillion Bird Clan had a reclusive high level pharmacist, yet no one knew that the person that was responsible was precisely the young lady that had recently married into the Vermillion Bird Clan.”

“I don't believe that your mother's clan is simple at all. However, after your mother's death, her clan didn't have any sort of movement. You're her daughter, thus you should naturally inherit her gift within your body. I've often pondered it; could it be that your deficiency in magic and Dou Qi was due to the heredity gift that you received from your mother?” Shen Feng dignifiedly said, “No matter whether it's true or not, after you've entered the Holy Roland School, you must diligently study. It would naturally be for the best if you were able to inherit your mother's gift, but if you aren't able to, I'll think of another way of thoroughly protecting you.”

Having the Vermillion Bird to accompany her, Shen Feng was no longer helpless . At least, now, the others in the clan simply weren't sufficient to threaten Shen Yanxiao's safety. He could also make more arrangements for her because of this.

Shen Yanxiao inhaled deeply, for how Shen Feng had treated her was truly giving his best. Out of all of the methods that he'd considered, all of them had considered her future.

“That's all. You head back first. During this period of time, make sure to get a proper rest. After a few days, I'll have Siyu teach you how to be familiar with the matters within the clan.” Shen Feng patted Shen Yanxiao's shoulder; and had the little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who'd been unendingly emotionally touched, brought out of the room.

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