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Chapter 84- Certain That You Have Blurred Vision Part 2

As the saying goes, one patch of white covers up three ugly things, and in her current state, she'd already become nearly as white as a strike of lightning. [Note: The saying here means that white skin can cover for the many other weak points on the face]

Towards this matter of her skin being excessively fair, it was actually very easy to deal with! So long as one darkened it once again, then wouldn't it be alright?

Thinking about it, because of the lifelong pursuement to be an even more stunning beauty within the 24th century, there were many beauties that had spent quite a large amount of effort towards both their body's and face's, and yet the her now unexpectedly wanted to have this good-looking face that would cause everyone to be green with envy masked over.

If there was anyone that knew about Shen Yanxiao's 'inhuman' way of doing things, it'd be very likely that that person would immediately jump out and have her choked to death.

However, apart from Shen Yanxiao, the person that was particularly 'cruel' to herself,there was only the Vermillion Bird left within the room, whose esthetic concept was extremely twisted.

In the Vermillion Bird's eyes, Shen Yanxiao had indeed become very good-looking, but she still hadn't reached the stage where it could have him, a mythological beast, prostrate before her. Moreover, as a mythological beast, its master's strength was regarded as the most important, and by no means were the looks seen as more important comparatively.

What's the use in looking good? Is it that one wouldn't need to pay money after a meal if one was good-looking?

Thus, as the only thing that could prevent Shen Yanxiao's ego from ruining her existence, the Vermillion Bird simply silently sat to the side and looked at Shen Yanxiao with br.i.m.m.i.n.g interest as she used her 'poisonous hands' on herself.

Outside the door of Shen Yanxiao's room, the muddleheaded servant girl had brought a barrel of hot water, and was anxiously standing at the doorway. At her side was another servant girl who was carrying a bucket.

“Are you certain that you didn't see wrongly?” The servant girl, whose face was filled with curiosity, asked her companion. Just now, after this servant girl had returned from the seventh young lady's room, it was as if she'd become completely muddle headed. Only after being silent for a long time, did she burst out with the astonis.h.i.+ng news.

Within a single night, their clan's mediocre seventh young lady had turned into a huge beauty.

She originally didn't believe her companion's words, after all, the beautiful dream where one turned endlessly beautiful within a single night existed within every female's heart, but it merely existed in that dream, that's all. If there truly was someone that had this kind of change happen in reality, then it'd frighten people to death.

However, her companion had nevertheless been very certain that she hadn't seen it wrongly, and thus she herself was finally unable to resist her interest, and so she went along with her companion.

“I'm certain that I'm right.” The servant girl that had previously come resolutely and decisively opened her mouth.

“What I saw was definitely real, and if it weren't for the fact that the seventh young lady's voice hadn't changed, I also truly wouldn't have been able to recognise her.”

“The seventh young lady really turned into a supreme beauty within a single night? I still find it extremely hard to believe.”

Standing outside of the door, the two servant girls muttered, but didn't dare to knock on the door. In the middle of them chatting, the door of the room was slowly opened.

Standing inside the doorway, Shen Yanxiao looked at the two servant girls at the doorway that were momentarily petrified, and was inwardly smirking. To them, she still had that unprepossessing little face, and simply didn't have even the slightest bit of change compared to her former days.

Momentarily, the two servant girls were dumbstruck. The previous servant girl that had come over rubbed and rubbed her eyes, as she found it extremely hard to believe. The seventh young lady that she'd previously seen clearly hadn't had this appearance!

As for the one who'd been prompted by her curiosity, the servant girl that had followed her companion, she was even more depressed in her heart, such that she nearly suffocated to death.

Just where had the Shen Yanxiao before her become pretty? That dark and swarthy skin that was dark and lacking in light. And this was a supreme beauty? This simply couldn't be compared with even one of the Vermillion Bird Clan's servant girls!

She was truly foolish for unexpectedly believing that there'd been someone that had been able to become beautiful in a single night—wasn't this simply a joke.

Pretty girl, ugly girl, she foolishly couldn't even differentiate the two properly.

Because of a certain someone's 'mercilessness and viciousness', the exceptional beauty of the next generation of the Vermillion Bird Clan had simply been covered in dust and hidden away in the dark.

According to Shen Feng's arrangement, Shen Siyu would very soon begin to bring Shen Yanxiao to be familiar with the Vermillion Bird Clan's things.

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