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Chapter 95- Camaraderie Part 1

“Shen Jue, although you've pa.s.sed the exam this time around, the pharmaceutical path in front of you is still rather long. You'll certainly have to redouble your efforts.” Towards this student who'd pa.s.sed his own exam, Lou De was very satisfied, thus he made an exemption by saying some words of insight. Only after that, did he allow for Shen Yanxiao to be brought to the new student dormitory, where she would be arranged to stay.

As Shen Yanxiao walked out from the entrance exam hall, she gazed out at the lines of exam candidates which were still tremendously long, and she silently drew a cross for them in her heart. Soon afterwards, she followed after the person who was leading the way, and proceeded towards the new student's dormitory.

Along the journey there, she actually pa.s.sed by a few of the Holy Roland School's other branches' entrance exam sites. What she didn't expect was that, she'd see those few exam candidates that had previously been gathered together and gossiping.

Naturally, those exam candidates also saw her.

“Am I seeing things? Isn't that the adolescent that we previously ran into?”

“c.r.a.p! She actually pa.s.sed the exam for the pharmaceutical branch?” Just by looking at the tutor who was leading Shen Yanxiao, they were able to know right away that Shen Yanxiao had pa.s.sed the pharmaceutical branch's exam, for of the people that hadn't pa.s.sed the exam, which one of them hadn't left by themselves. Only the people that pa.s.sed were specially led to their dormitory from the Holy Roland School.

“This world's become a fantasy already! Isn't the pharmaceutical branch's examination said to be the hardest? Therefore, just how did that little demon pa.s.s like this?!”

Once they thought of the past, where they themselves had laughed at the counterpart for simple wishful thinking, they were itching to immediately find a crack in the reality presented to them and bore into it. This kind of face-slapping feeling had it where they didn't dare to take more than a single glance.

It was still a question as to whether or not they themselves could pa.s.s their exams, and in the end, that poor adolescent that they hadn't thought highly of, in various ways, had unexpectedly smoothly pa.s.sed.

This kind of intense contrast simply made people want to vomit blood!

“Just because he's pa.s.sed, doesn't necessary mean that he'll be able to attend, for he has to be able to afford the tuition fee. Only then will he be able to stay at the Holy Roland School.” Unable to endure this kind of discrepancy, there was an adolescent who couldn't help but begin to look for a pretext to placate himself with.

“Seeing how he's dressed, it's a definite thing that he'll be unable to afford it.”


After finding a way to rea.s.sure themselves, the group of adolescents immediately rea.s.sumed their vigorousness and liveliness that they'd previously had. As before, they stood within the extremely long line, waiting for their own test to come.

In any case, as long as they were able to pa.s.s, they'd certainly be able to afford the tuition fee!

They rea.s.sured themselves in this way…

The dorm that Shen Yanxiao was a.s.signed to was located to the southeast of the pharmaceutical branch. The white-coloured dormitory closely resembled the European style buildings of olden times, from her previous life. Accurately speaking, the entire Holy Roland School resembled an ancient, yet gorgeous, palace of the Western country.

Shen Yanxiao's room was on the third floor of the new student's dormitory, and within each room would be three new students. Apart from the three large beds within the extremely s.p.a.cious room, there were also three extremely refined long tables. There were also cupboards that would be laid down on both sides of the long table, which were used to lay out both the books and the wares that were actually needed in the refining of medicine.

The room's number was 305. When Shen Yanxiao entered the room, she discovered that her other roommates were already making their beds.

Upon seeing Shen Yanxiao, one of the youngsters whom was of a small build immediately produced a very genuine smiling expression as he walked over.

“h.e.l.lo, I'm Lin Xuan. Later on, we'll be cla.s.smates within the same dorm, so please treat me kindly.” Adding that pure smiling expression to that fair and handsome face, it was very easy for people to have favourable impressions towards him.

The feeling that Lin Xuan gave to Shen Yanxiao very closely resembled that of a conscientious yet diligent model student. During the next two to three years, she'd have to live together with this kind of model student. Shen Yanxiao very courteously smiled as she said, “h.e.l.lo, I'm Shen Jue.”

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