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Chapter 108- Youngsters Making A Friend Part 1

With the head of the casino now personally overseeing the table, everyone paid extra attention to it. The guests from other tables, one after another, also stopped their gambling, and rapidly began to gather in a circle around the table to watch this universally shocking game of chance!

Just one single, casual round from this table would be worth more than the money they could spend in a few life times feeding their entire family!

It was indeterminable as to whether or not they'd normally be able to see treasures such as these within their entire lifespan. However, today could be considered to an eye opener for them!

The head of the casino was a middle-aged man who was in his early fifties. The fine clothing he wore from head to toe made it seem as if he was already quite affluent. He looked beamingly at the table of local tyrants in front of him, his mindset so happy that it could be compared to a blooming flower.

What Qi Xia and the others were gambling on was what number was rolled on a die. This kind of gamble seemed like one that completely relied on luck, but in reality it was the one that had the most techniques.

The head of the casino's gambling technique was cla.s.sified as the most valiant within the entire casino, such that the few dice in his hands could display all kinds of patterns. Dealing with these few brainless aristocratic disciples was just a simple thing for him.

The head of the casino was extremely happy at the moment, for while the 5 large clans were fighting against one another, he was there, reaping the benefits.

This was known as the mantis stalking the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it. You brats, you all just wait until you've delivered this gold to grandpa!

If it were simply gold coins, the head could've still possibly had misgivings towards the 5 large clans' face, and gone easy on them. However, the rare treasures that were being gambled were really too impressive. So long as he reeled in a sum such as this, he'd certainly be able to close the casino, and escape without a trace.

Moreover, he'd also heard from his subordinates that these young masters' gambling techniques were practically a spectacle too horrible to endure. Apart from sending money to him, anything else was unlikely.

“I'm not sure how much the young masters would like to bet?” The boss was extremely excited—it was as if he could already see the wealth as his own.

The young masters lazily leaned back in their chairs, as if they hardly cared about the stakes they'd placed upon the betting table

Tang Nazhi was the one who'd lost the most tragically. Otherwise, he wouldn't have taken out a rank 10 magical nucleus. He impatiently took a glance at the others. Then facing the head of the casino, he said, “Let's not squander any more time—let's have a single match to decide the win or loss!”

A single match to decide the win or loss!

The head of the casino felt that his own tiny heart had begun wildly beating. He was extremely certain that he could cause these few youngsters in front of him to lose their life savings. With a single match to decide the win or loss, wouldn't that mean that he could just collect all of thee treasures in a single sweep?

Even the heavens are helping me!

The few young masters didn't have any objections, and thus the game of chance was decided as such.

The head of the casino's gorgeous technique was put to full use, with the dice cup he held in his hand being turned over, both up and down, as it was afloat. The continuous sound of the dice rolling, 'gululu', slowly began to resonate within the minds of the students who were standing in a circle as they spectated.

With a 'thang' sound, the dice cup was rigidly fastened to the surface of the table.

“Please.” Strongly pressing down the excitement in his heart, the head of the casino said.

Raising his gaze, he took a look at the other few people.

Shen Yanxiao was the one who'd lost the least prior to this, and there was actually still a portion of her funds left on the surface of the table. At this moment, unperturbed, she looked at the dice cup that was currently fastened to the table, the corner of her mouth carrying the faint trace of a smiling expression.

“Ahem, if that's the case, then shall I go first?” Beaming, Shen Yanxiao stood up, all of the gold coins before her entirely bet on small.

Along with Shen Yanxiao making her move, the others also unexpectedly chose to have the stakes of their hands as small.

Everyone was speechless already, for weren't these few people fighting quite seriously? How were they able to be of one mind so quickly?

The head of the casino was overwhelmed by emotion, for although the amount of points inside the dice cup were indeed small, this didn't meant that these people couldn't win. The dice technique lay in the moment whilst one was opening the dice cup, which was that before the dice cup was opened, any and all points would be counted as invalid.

Sure enough, these few youngsters were laymen that didn't even seem to understand anything, and yet they had unexpectedly had all of the stakes placed together on the same place!

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