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With Xiu's answer, Shen Yanxiao no longer moved slowly forward. She drank a bottle of Acceleration Potion, quickly pa.s.sing everything around her. What she wanted to do was to go through this land in the shortest possible time, once they found the traces of the Skeleton Flower, then everything was settled.

Sun Graveyard covered a very large area. Shen Yanxiao kept running all night. A bottle of Acceleration Potion was poured into her mouth, and a large number of Vitality Potions had also been drunk by her to support such a long run.

As time went on, Xiu was still yet to detect the presence of the Skeleton Flower, which in turn made Shen Yanxiao feel very depressed. Looking at how the sky was already pale but they still found nothing, Shen Yanxiao simply stopped, sat on a boulder, and propped up her chin to think.

Was she in the wrong direction? Or was she missing something? Or was Du Lang's information wrong?

She almost traveled one-third of the Sun Graveyard but still found nothing, and there was no news from Vermillion Bird's side, this was simply making her cough up blood.

Although her body had the protection of her dou qi and magic, in such a surrounding full of chaotic elements, her strength was simply not enough to withstand it for too long. Just now, she had felt the protective layer covering her own body had become very thin. Once the protective layer disappeared, then she would be next piece to be reduced to a powder by these chaotic elements.

Her time was running out, she only had one hour at most, her dou qi and magic were already drying up.

At this moment, Shen Yanxiao wished very much that she was a priest. With Priest's intrepid light s.h.i.+eld, it was not a big problem if she spent ten days or a half month's time here.

"Xiu, where do Skeleton Flower generally grows again?" instead of searching aimlessly, it was better to make some omission, otherwise, the rest of the hour was simply not enough for her to finish searching the rest of the area.

'There are no special requirements for the place where Skeleton Flower grows. It may appear in the lands of G.o.ds, Demons, Humans, Elves, and Dragon Race. The only characteristic of this plant is death, they do not need to bathe in sunlight and do need not the nourishment from rain, they only need the atmosphere of death. A large amount of death can catalyze the growth of the Skeleton Flower. As long as there is a place of death, it is possible to have Skeleton Flower. ' Xiu explained the bits of Skeleton Flower according to his own memory.

The reason why the Skeleton Flower was called Skeleton Flower was that whenever it bloomed, there were bones around.

Death was its nutrients, blood and bones were its oasis.

"According to this point, the news Du Lang received should be correct. This place used to be one of the battlefields of the most fierce battle between Demons and G.o.ds. Numerous G.o.ds and Demons had fallen here. This place is suitable for the growth of the Skeleton Flower." Shen Yanxiao touched her chin, she was temporarily sure that there was no problem with Du Lang's source.

"A battlefield, a place where death is everywhere, where it is filled with the atmosphere of death, Skeleton Flower ... it should be there!" Shen Yanxiao seemed to have caught some inspiration. She squinted her eyes, trying to imagine the battle tens of thousands of years ago.

The Demon Race army advanced into the Sun Temple, the G.o.d of Sun who guards the temple led his own race against the Demons’ army, blood and death were interwoven into an immortal battle song, echoing in this once brilliant place.

"The G.o.d of Sun fell to the ground..." Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips, a glimmer of light promptly flashed in her mind.

"It is definitely there!"

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