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Chapter 65-Suddenly Okay Part 2


Since she now had the Vermillion Bird, she could attempt and do many things that she previously couldn’t.

‘Human, tell me your name.’ The Vermillion Bird’s voice was transmitted into Shen Yanxiao’s mind. This voice was different compared to its puerile voice when it was at its human form. The voice that was transmitted into her mind was clearly an adult male voice, but its voice had the same amount of haughtiness within it.

“Shen Yanxiao.”

“From today onwards, I’m here to cover you—there’ll be no one that dares to bully you.” In regards to its new owner, the Vermilion Bird had some thoughts of its own. Previously, that stinky girl had scolded Shen Yanxiao that much and yet, Shen Yanxiao still hadn’t had the slightest response towards that idiot. His master absolutely couldn’t be someone who tried to be on good terms with everyone and allowed them to bully her! No matter how she was previously, someday in the future, he’d certainly teach her how to be a qualified owner, and that she absolutely mustn’t disgrace his dignity as a mythological beast!

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows before she even had the time to open her mouth, as the other voice appeared within her mind.

“Just relying on yourself, little bird, you still want to cover others?’ Without any prior indication, Xiu’s voice echoed.

‘You are!’ The voice that the Vermillion Bird was somewhat familiar with had him incessantly flabbergasted, for he’d never before heard a third party’s voice within his own master’s mind. Yet, that sound appeared to have came from an awfully old memory, and within the given time, he was unable to find the owner of the voice.

‘Who I am isn’t important—you just have to know that it’s good enough that the foresight that you had this time wasn’t wrong.’ Xiu’s voice was still like before, where it was as cold as ice.

The Vermillion Bird was somewhat vexed, for after all, what was with this voice’s sudden appearance? In the end, just which b.a.s.t.a.r.d was it that was dwelling inside the body of this small master of his?

‘What kind of person would even unexpectedly not dare to divulge his own ident.i.ty? Could it be it was just too shameful?’ This was the new master that he’d chosen, and he wouldn’t wish for the master that he’d just contracted with to right away to meet with some kind of mishap.

‘Hehe, you’re courting death.’ Xiu’s voice was cold to point of freezing.

“You guys had better stop it before you go too far!” The two voices that were residing inside of her head were fighting , and yet in the end, had they or had they not thought about her feelings—the proper owner’s feelings!

Shen Yanxiao was entirely helpless, for having Xiu—one whom was indifferent, arrogant and had to serve her—was already enough to have her vexed. Now, came another one who thought of himself as unparalleled in this world—the Vermillion Bird. They’d directly battled against each other inside of her mind, and this tormented her to death!

“You guys had better listen properly! As of now, you all are my possessions, and no matter how capable you are, please do be slightly well-behaved! Or else this young master will knock myself to death, and have the two of you helplessly watch it!” Shen Yanxiao suddenly left, and continued to ignore the two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds fighting, for it’d only be her that would go crazy. Just who could put up with having Word War 4 happen inside their mind?  

‘You, a human, have unexpectedly dared to threaten me!’ The Vermilion Bird was in a bad mood, for even if she was the master that he’d chosen, this was nothing more than because of his own prior agreement, and only then because he couldn’t help but choose one amongst the four of them. Shen Yanxiao herself simply didn’t have the capability to have him submit cheerfully.

“Hehe, if you don’t believe me, you can try. I actually want to see how you, the n.o.ble mythological beast, the Vermillion Bird, would still be able to mingle within the mythological beasts’ social circle if I was to just die right after having signed a contract with you.” Threaten? Shen Yanxiao had already wanted to beat him up long ago.

She could roughly guess the Vermillion Bird’s temper. His arrogance and self-importance were because the mythological beast saw his own dignity to be more, much more, important when compared to his own life. If not, he wouldn’t have guarded a human race’s clan for the past several hundred years just because of an agreement.

Although, she was very curious. Just what kind of thing, in the end, had the Vermillion Bird and the first generation of the Vermillion Bird Clan agreed upon?

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