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Everything was burnt black, the houses were shattered, and a little bit of fire was still burning all over the village.

All the calm and peace had vanished, and the thick b.l.o.o.d.y smell pervaded the air.

It was very difficult for Shen Yanxiao to connect such a miserable sight with the simple village from before. She walked towards the direction according to the news of Vermillion Bird. Along the way, she saw a lot of villagers' corpses. Those dead bodies were quietly lying on the ground and the soil underneath their bodies had been stained with blood.

Shen Yanxiao had briefly met these villagers before. She could even remember clearly that the uncle who had fallen onto the wall had enthusiastically given her two steamed buns once.

The villagers' pure and honest smiles seemed to be still in sight, but the fact was that they would never wake up again.

Shen Yanxiao's brows wrinkled into a frown. Although she always thought that this village was very strange, it was difficult for her to produce any dislike towards these villagers.

She had seen countless dark sides of the world before, but she still cherished all the positive things.

The more valuable things were, the more precious they were.

Shen Yanxiao's heart felt a little heavier. Only after she found Vermillion Bird would she know what was going on in this small village!

Soon, Shen Yanxiao found Vermillion Bird in a broken thatched house.

Vermillion Bird was squatting his small body on the wall, excitedly staring somewhere.

Shen Yanxiao walked over. The small Phoenix sitting on Vermillion Bird's head immediately found her presence and cheerfully flapped its wings.

Vermillion Bird turned his head around to look at Shen Yanxiao, proudly made a silent hum, and then hooked his fair and tender finger at her.

Shen Yanxiao frowned, walked beside Vermillion Bird, and followed Vermillion Bird's line of sight, looking not far away.

Looking at his back, Uncle Jiu was almost embracing himself. He stood at a distance and he was covered with injuries. He gasped heavily and relied on his crutches to barely support his body.

Opposite to Uncle Jiu was a young boy about 13 or 14 years old, he was exceptionally exquisite and handsome. Although he was still young, it could be seen that he would surely grow into a handsome young man that could stun the whole world. It was only a pity that this youth's handsome face was without a hint of expression. His indifferent eyes were hard to be seen with any trace of fluctuations. He stood stiffly across Uncle Jiu and his hands hanging on both sides of his body were full of blood. The crimson blood dripped from his fingertips and landed on the two corpses lying next to his feet.

The two bodies were villagers of the small village. There was a hole in the two men's chest and the hearts that were taken out was pinched in the boy's hands at the moment.

Shen Yanxiao had seen many of the world's top killers during her past life. When they murdered, their expressions did not fluctuate in any way. The most important thing was the eyes, the eyes were the windows to the heart, and by mainly looking at the eyes, the fluctuations of the person's emotions could be seen. Even for the top killers, it was difficult to really feel nothing, yet this handsome youth's eyes before them seemed like a layer of frost, without a hint of change.

"Who is that kid?" Shen Yanxiao rarely saw a person who shot so ruthlessly, and the other side's age seemed to be about the same age with her body. He was so young but could actually be so ruthless. It was really hard to believe.

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