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Chapter 66-Suddenly Okay Part 3

‘You!’ The Vermillion Bird was choked up. As a first-rate mythological beast, it was very confident in itself that each and every generation of his masters had all, in the end, died of old age. There hadn’t be any one whom had been killed halfway through their lives. Protecting his master throughout their whole lives was what had stood for the mythological beast’s dignity, for if it couldn’t even properly protect a human, and this matter were to pa.s.s on to the other mythological beasts’ ears, then he’d truly be too embarra.s.sed to continue mingling with the other mythological beasts.

It had to be said that the amount of experience that Shen Yanxiao had acc.u.mulated from her previous life was extremely plentiful, and dealing with the Vermillion Bird, this kind of ‘creature’, was nevertheless very easy.

As for the other one, Xiu simply hadn’t opened his mouth at all.

Immediately after Shen Yanxiao spoke, Xiu could right away guess this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s plan. After interacting with her for a period of time, Xiu had more or less figured out his current ally. His ally was one hundred percent a little fox—sly and shrewd. Cheris.h.i.+ng one’s own life was much more important than anything else, so whoever dared to make a move on her, she’d absolutely pay it back a hundredfold.  

Let her commit suicide?

Let her kill people was more like it.

She was clearly using a lie to threaten the proud and arrogant Vermillion Bird. Merely, it was a pity that the Vermillion Bird simply didn’t understand his new master’s temperament at all. As a result…that was a plight of ignorance.

The two troubles were temporarily suppressed by Shen Yanxiao’s ‘threat’. Not long after the inside of her mind had become tranquil, she lifted her eyes and looked at the others who were inside the cave.

They’d handled their internal affairs in a hesitating fas.h.i.+on, for what she’d previously displayed was only a taciturn look in front of everyone. After digesting the astonishment inside of their heads, people such as Shen Yifeng, at this moment,  looked her with more or less somewhat strange expressions.

They were unclear as to whether or not, at this moment, the Shen Yanxiao whom was before their eyes was to be treated as the future clan master, or as what they’d formerly treated her as—an idiot?

Before the Vermillion Bird, no one dared to be unbridled—but Shen Yanxiao was an idiot! How could this kind of person become the clan head?

Everyone’s state of mind was very complicated, but they didn’t dare to court death before the Vermillion Bird.

“Congratulations.” After having Shen Jiayi handed over to the retinues of the Vermillion Bird Clan, the sage walked until he was in front of Shen Yanxiao. From the point when the Vermillion Bird had opened his mouth, until when he’d signed the agreement with Shen Yanxiao, the sage could be said to be the one whom had been the most unperturbed within the entire cave. On his elegant face was a smiling expression that hadn’t changed, and he had an amiable att.i.tude had people couldn’t bear to refuse.

“Thank you, sage.”  Shen Yanxiao’s smile was like a flower as she respectfully stood on ceremony and expressed her thanks to the sage.

No matter what, pertaining to the matter of obtaining the Vermillion Bird, the sage hadn’t had a small contribution towards it.

However, a simple thing like expressing her thanks like this nevertheless left a few people from the Vermillion Bird Clan within the cave draw in a deep breath in shock!

They uniformly looked towards Shen Yanxiao’s—that pair of clear, glittering eyes—and found it hard to believe. They rubbed and rubbed their eyes.

Worn on that little girl’s face was a ceremonial smiling expression, and her clear eyes had long ago lost that ignorant look of their former days. The expression of her thanks had a very articulate p.r.o.nunciation, and carried a trace of puerile voice that didn’t come from age.  

The little girl that stood before them was evidently, and precisely, an ordinary child that couldn’t be even more ordinary—there wasn’t even a tiny bit of the shadow of her previous idiocy.

Everyone had begun to doubt themselves on whether or not they themselves were hallucinating, for Shen Yanxiao had been insane and foolish for thirteen years in the Vermillion Bird Clan—so how had she, in the time it took to blink, unexpectedly turned into an ordinary person?!

Even the sage’s face showed a trace of astonishment that he didn’t have time to cover it up. He astonis.h.i.+ngly looked at the little girl who was completely different compared to the past. If it wasn’t that Shen Yanxiao had, in the past, always remained in his line of sight, he seriously would’ve thought that this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d before his eyes had swapped places with someone else.

Just how had an idiot that was ridiculed by the common person immediately changed into an ordinary person, whom had intelligence in her eyes—in only the time it takes one to wink?

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