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"What are you going to do?!" Shen Jiayi, with a look of tension all over her face, stared at Shen Yanxiao who was approaching closer and closer. She looked down upon this kid before and she had never thought that he would be so tyrannical that Tang Nazhi would actually eat a loss against him. She also completely did not know what was going on with Tang Nazhi.

How much her heart dreaded Shen Yanxiao right now that she did not dare rashly go forward.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. Directly ignoring Shen Jiayi's barking, she went in front of Tang Nazhi and raised Tang Nazhi's drooping head using her bow.

Tang Nazhi's handsome face was now covered with crystal beads of sweat. His whole body was under great pressure so that he could not move even half an inch.

He was forced to raise his head and look at Shen Yanxiao against the light. Watching the playful smile hanging on her mouth, Tang Nazhi had a moment of trance. Ignoring the strange appearance of this youth, her scent, her figure, was actually so similar to that familiar little girl.

"Xiao..." Tang Nazhi was not yet done calling out her name when Shen Yanxiao slapped him on his head.

"Can you admit defeat now?" Shen Yanxiao decisively opened her mouth, completely not giving Tang Nazhi the time to question her.

Tang Nazhi looked distracted for a moment. Once he found that the kid before him and Shen Yanxiao had similarities, he could more and more see the unscrupulous little girl on this kid's tone and infuriating look.

Could it be that "he" was her?

With such an idea, how could Tang Nazhi not admit defeat? If she was really that little girl, he did not have the courage to fight with her, and secondly, even if he had the heart to resist, he simply had no power to fight back.

In any case, he could only admit defeat!

"I... admit defeat." Tang Nazhi said with some difficulty.

Shen Yanxiao smiled mischievously and promptly released Tang Nazhi, then she walked toward Shen Jiayi who had an indignant look.

"You... don't come here!" Shen Jiayi would have never dreamed that Tang Nazhi would lose, and his loss was incredibly so baffling even. Thinking of the condition of the bet they had agreed upon, she couldn't wait to slap herself in the face.

Shen Yanxiao with an eerie smile approached step by step; Shen Jiayi put her hands on her chest and step back an inch.

At the moment when Shen Jiayi attempted to turn around to escape, Shen Yanxiao's figure flashed. She immediately hooked the Purple Baron on Shen Jiayi who had just attempted to run away then pulled it with her hand; Shen Jiayi was quickly dragged to her side.

Shen Yanxiao restrained Shen Jiayi's neck with one hand, then her soft and white fingertip played across her chin. Her half-squinted eyes with a hint of playful naughtiness swept over Shen Jiayi's delicate face.

For a second, Shen Jiayi lost herself in Shen Yanxiao's almost flirtatious actions.

That pair of clear half-squinted eyes seemed to carry some kind of magic, making people sink into them.

Ignoring the ordinary appearance of the youth, those eyes could actually trap a person's soul.

"Gee, if you draw a turtle on this face, it will be something that people will really look forward seeing." Shen Yanxiao nastily hooked up her lips. In Shen Jiayi's screams, she took out a charcoal pen from the storage ring and drew accordingly on Shen Jiayi's white and tender little face.

Immediately afterward, a loud miserable shriek was heard on the bustling streets!

With two or three seconds, she completed her work. Shen Yanxiao then disgustingly threw the screaming Shen Jiayi away. She folded her arms across her chest and stared at Shen Jiayi's face which was entirely covered with a big and black tortoise.

"Good, it suits you very well." Very satisfied with her work, Shen Yanxiao conveniently shot the not yet used up charcoal pen between Shen Jiayi's eyebrows.

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