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Shen Jiayi held her head. She could not see her appearance at this moment, but she could guess what she looked like right now from Shen Yanxiao’s teasing expression.

Shen Jiayi, who had always been beautiful and self-sustaining, received such treatment. The eyes of the crowd full of mocking and those fingers pointing at her were like a root piercing her body.

Shen Jiayi could not care about others; she covered her face and immediately ran away from the crowd, crying.

Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips, still the same incapable person as always, unable to withstand even a single blow.

She clapped the dust on her hand away before stuffing back the Purple Baron and the arrow basket inside her ring, then Shen Yanxiao put her both hands behind her back, ready to leave.

"Wait a minute..." Tang Nazhi got up with difficulties and called out in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

Shen Yanxiao turned around and blinked her eyes.

The weight of her single curse technique was not so easy to deal with, yet this fellow could actually resist not falling on the ground, he was really physically tough.

"Are you..." Tang Nazhi looked at the familiar figure, the suspicion in his heart was growing even more.

Shen Yanxiao silently rewarded him with a supercilious look before she directly flicked her sleeves and walked away without a word.

Really stupid beyond cure!

And this idiot actually even lived with her in a dormitory for a few months.

After Shen Yanxiao was done teaching the love-struck fool Shen Jiayi and the romantic juvenile Tang Nazhi a lesson, she swaggered away into the road under the horrified looks of the crowd.

The results of this compet.i.tion exceeded everyone's expectations. The Archer youth, who was completely not favored by all, gained the victory while the young Swordsman did not even have the slightest power to fight back.

When everyone saw that there was no more good show to watch, they dispersed; the temporary ring returned to the bustling state from before.

Only a lonesome guy was left with a single curse technique as a sad reminder of a little girl, looking at the sky speechlessly.

Tang Nazhi felt that he was definitely being unlucky this time. Otherwise, why would he encounter such bad things?

The strange weight on his body did not reduce in the slightest bit, he could only secretly wipe his tears and continue to resemble a statue.

He did not know how long it had been when three handsome figures appeared in the street.

Tang Nazhi, who was already feeling a bit sleepy, suddenly felt the weight on his body disappeared. He jumped up and saw the three animals standing in front of him.

"Why are you guys here?" Tang Nazhi was surprised to see the three guys in front— Qi Xia, Yan Yu, Yang Xi. Well, weren't these three guys the animals that harmed him and made him suffer misfortune!

"We heard that you are enthusiastically performing a show on the streets of Snow Blowing City, so the three of us are here to take a look." Qi Xia lazily yawned, one of his hands resting on Yang Xi's shoulder. He was like a cat who had just awakened from a deep slumber.

"Is Shen Jiayi back?" Tang Nazhi's mouth slightly twitched. He made a fool out of himself here because of Shen Jiayi, and she actually ran away covering her face and crying. He had no idea where had she gone to and he was still wondering whether that woman could still make troubles halfway. Apparently, he was being paranoid.

Yang Xi replied, "She's already gone back, but still crying in her room until now. What happened to you in the end? Why is there on Shen Jiayi's face... Well... there's a big tortoise?"

"En, an awfully big one." Qi Xia followed with a flat tone acting as if he was taking things very seriously, but his eyes were showing a deep smile.

Yan Yu asked, "Can you explain to us how you could provoke so many things by just taking Shen Jiayi to a stroll on the streets?"

Three people had such questions. Seeing the weeping Shen Jiayi with her face painted as she bolted back, they had been very curious. And another thing that also made them curious was that Tang Nazhi actually did not come back with her!

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