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Chapter 67-Suddenly Okay Part 4

Shen Yanxiao faintly smiled. Not knowing what to do, she nibbled on her lips, before saying, “Have I frightened the sage? I’m truly sorry, for I too don’t know what’s going on. Just now, when I was signing the agreement, with the Vermillion Bird, the inside of my brain suddenly become much more clear-headed. I remember that I was once akin to an idiot, but unknowingly, with what’s just happened, it seems that I’ve become normal.”

With her reserved, little hands of grasped onto her clothes’ fringes, Shen Yanxiao seemingly appeared as if she were really a sincere little girl, who was somewhat at her wit’s end.

The sage promptly put away the astonishment that was on his face, but his mind was nevertheless pondering over this freakish matter.  

He was very clear about Shen Yanxiao’s circ.u.mstances—a congenital deficiency, where she had shortcoming of wisdom. A certain person had previously inquired to him about Shen Yanxiao’s circ.u.mstances many times within these few years, and he’d long already become certain that Shen Yanxiao’s wisdom was unable to reinstated. However, just how, she’d suddenly become okay?

Could it be that all of this was because of the Vermillion Bird?

It had already been a century since a mythological beast had appeared at this world. Regarding every single piece of information about the mythological beasts, they were all blockaded by each and every clan. Although there was some information about the mythological beasts within the G.o.d’s Domain, it nevertheless wasn’t well-rounded at all. The sage could only treat the reinstatement of Shen Yanxiao’s wisdom as the Vermillion Bird’s contribution.

“Very good, it’s indeed very good like this. I believe that your family will certainly be happy for you.” The sage gently lifted his hand and wanted to rub Shen Yanxiao’s head.

However, a bunch of flames nevertheless coalesced, impolitely forcing his palm open.

Along with the path of flame soaring, the Vermillion Bird had once again changed its enormous body out of its beast form, and transformed into the appearance of a three to four year old child.

“Don’t have an itchy hand.” The Vermilion Bird snorted as he spoke.

He wasn’t fond of the human race. Accepting a master was already like tackling a difficult job for him, and he certainly didn’t want the smell of another of the human race on his little master’s body.  

The sage broke into laughter as he withdrew his hand.

At this point, the conversation between Shen Yanxiao and the sage, without a word missing, had fallen onto the ears of the people from the Vermillion Bird Clan.

Shen Yifeng only felt the suffering of an enormous blow—a blow that struck him straight into unconsciousness.  

The disgrace of the Vermillion Bird Clan had unexpectedly become smart!!

Looking at the Vermillion Bird whom was standing at Shen Yanxiao’s side, an enormous amount of panic was birthed inside Shen Yifeng’s heart.

He’d never regarded Shen Yanxiao as his own rival in inheriting the position of the clan leader, for she was nothing more than an idiotic trash who, nevertheless, couldn’t cultivate Dou Qi and magic. She didn’t have parents behind her back to support her either, and she wasn’t even Shen Feng’s favourite. His mind had never been placed onto the matter of dealing with Shen Yanxiao. Even the two siblings that frequently bullied Shen Yanxiao were merely too used to using Shen Yanxiao as their entertainment, and simply hadn’t regarded her as their rivals.

However, who could’ve known that it was precisely this idiot whom had been ignored and disregarded by everyone else like this, who’d unexpectedly have this kind of world-changing change within a single day.    

At first, she’d obtained the Vermillion Bird’s good graces, and then with the help of the Vermillion Bird’s strength, she’d regained the wisdom of an ordinary person.

Thus, from the most unremarkable disciple of the Vermillion Bird Clan, Shen Yanxiao had unexpectedly became the most probable person to inherit the position of the Vermillion Bird Clan’s clan leader in one leap!

Recalling the importance Shen Feng had attached to the Vermillion Bird, and the rumor about the sentence, ‘Obtain the Vermillion Bird, become the clan leader,’ Shen Yifeng felt s.h.i.+vers all over, even though he wasn’t cold.

Even if Shen Feng were to dislike Shen Yanxiao, the her now had already reinstated her full awareness, and had, even more, obtained the Vermillion Bird. Shen Feng would certainly attach extreme importance to her, for within the Vermillion Bird Clan, there was still one person who’d receive an extreme amount of importance from Shen Feng—Shen Siyu!

It had to be known that even Shen Jiayi had secretly and incessantly hated Shen Siyu for treating Shen Yanxiao well!

Was the Vermillion Bird Clan seriously undergoing a change?

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