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Chapter 69-Slapping Oneself Part 2

His grandchildren were just sitting within the carriages, and amongst them, one of them had already become the master of the Vermillion Bird. That person, under the Vermillion Bird’s aid, would once again bring the Vermillion Bird Clan back to the summit!

Shen Duan’s sight was rigidly locked onto the first carriage behind the sage. He knew that his own son was, at this moment, sitting inside. When the sage had announced the news that the Vermillion Bird was roused, Shen Duan had nearly pa.s.sed out from happiness. Anyone else would also know that, within the Vermillion Bird Clan right now, his own son, Shen Yifeng, had received the most importance. Moreover, within this party of four, Shen Yifeng’s strength was the strongest.

He could practically be certain that his own son had been successful in signing the contract with the Vermillion Bird!

His own son! His own son would immediately become the future clan leader of the Vermillion Bird Clan! As for him, he too would become an elder within the Vermillion Bird Clan, moreover, the one that received the most respect from the people!

Shen Duan’s heart was both happy and emotionally moved. He impatiently wanted to urge his son to hurriedly get out and let him have a good look at the Vermillion Bird’s real face in order to increase his knowledge.

Compared to Shen Duan’s ecstasy, Shen Yue’s face couldn’t be counted as too happy at all. Shen Yue originally hadn’t carried many expectations towards his children. It was just that Shen Duan and he had always been inharmonious. Now that Shen Yifeng had obtained the Vermillion Bird, Shen Duan would inevitably deliberately make things difficult on himself everywhere.   

At this moment, the happiness caused by the Vermillion Bird’s return was simply unable to cause Shen Yue to rejoice.

What was he to complain about since the person that had obtained the Vermillion Bird wasn’t one of his children.    

Very soon, Shen Yifeng walked out from within the carriage. The him that had just recently walked out from the carriage immediately came into contact with a dozen or more pairs of blazing eyes.  

The next second, he quickly lowered his head and didn’t dare to look up at the pair after pair of eyes which were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with expectation.

Shen Yifeng’s odd expression had people such as Shen Feng very baffled. Although Shen Yifeng’s temper was a little calm, for the him that had obtained the Vermillion Bird, it’d be simply impossible for him to put on this kind of response. This kind of evading their eyesight had everyone’s hearts feel a bad premonition.  

“Yifeng, you can be counted to have returned however, where is the Vermillion Bird? Why didn’t it follow you by your side? Could it be that you have him withdrawn right now? Hehe, this kid, quickly summon the Vermillion Bird so that your grandfather can take a look at it.” Shen Duan had long ago flooded his mind with ecstasy, to the point that he was muddle-headed, and had simply never thought that his own son would be unable to obtain the Vermillion Bird’s good graces. Therefore, he simply didn’t take note of Shen Yifeng’s unusual behaviour. Instead, a smiling expression was on his face as he urged Shen Yifeng to summon the Vermillion Bird.

Facing his father’s fervent att.i.tude, Shen Yifeng was even more hard pressed. On that outstanding handsome face, nevertheless hung a facial expression that was even more bitter than if it were compared to a bitter gourd.

“I…” Shen Yifeng truly didn’t know just how he was going to explain this to everyone, for they’d definitely had their hopes piled on him, but he…

That expression of Shen Yifeng holding something back finally attracted Shen Duan’s attention. Looking at Shen Yifeng’s evasive sight, an inauspicious premonition was suddenly raised in Shen Duan’s heart.

“Yifeng, could it be that you didn’t obtain the Vermillion Bird…?” Shen Duan had himself nearly jumping in fright by his own way of thinking. However, before he’d even finished what he was saying, Shen Yifeng had quickly nodded his head and turned his face to the side.

A basin of cold water fell straight onto his face and put out Shen Duan’s heart that had been in ecstasy.

How could this be?! His son was the most outstanding one amongst the third generation of the Vermillion Bird Clan, so how could it be that he hadn’t received the Vermillion Bird’s good graces? How could he have lost to those two children of Shen Yue’s! As for what sort of people Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei were, he himself was very clear. Relying on that kind of mediocre gift, how could they possibly have won against his own son?!

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