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 "Okay, I'm not in a hurry." Ouyang Huanyu smiled and seemed to be in no hurry to see Pei Yuan and Long Yue.

Shen Yanxiao did not say anything, but Ouyang Huanyu seemed to have something to say to her.

"In principle, you were a student from Holy Roland School and I was your dean. I am sorry for the situations you have suffered. If there is anything I can help you with, you can tell me. Although these old bones of mine are not much of a big deal, they can still block the wind and rain for my student.” Ouyang Huanyu's tone suddenly became milder, and he looked at Shen Yanxiao with pity.

"The reason why I accepted the invitation of the Emperor was not because of the State Preceptor Pei Yuan and Prince Long Yue, but because I heard about the injustices that you suffered. Even if you are a Warlock, you were a student of my Holy Roland School. You won the school tournament honest and aboveboard, why do you need to endure this injustice. I can't let the students of my Holy Roland School be bullied."

Shen Yanxiao looked at Ouyang Huanyu, who was spouting words of sympathy, and she found out that she really could not see through this old fox. When he said these words, his eyes held incomparable sincerity and she couldn't find the slightest false feelings in it, as if he were really angered by the injustices she had suffered.

For a moment, Shen Yanxiao even suspected that the person sitting in front of him was not Ouyang Huanyu at all, but Yun Qi who had disguised himself.

"I would like to thank the dean for his concern. I'm actually quite good." Shen Yanxiao lowered his head. Whether it was Ouyang Huanyu's words or the expression on his face, she could not find any trace of falseness. If not for her eavesdropping that night, Shen Yanxiao would have been very likely to believe Ouyang Huanyu.

But now, she only thought that Ouyang Huanyu was really frightening. He could hypocritically show affection like this, and it was difficult to tell if he was sincere or not. He was indeed too dangerous.

Such a person could often manipulate people's hearts using words; if one paid too little attention, one would be reduced to a mere piece on his fingertips.

"Don't be so polite. I know you're not familiar with me. We probably haven't seen each other at Holy Roland School. I may seem hypocritical to you, but it's not because of who you are or because of your status, but because you come from Holy Roland School that I would care like this. Even if I have never seen you before, you have worn the badge of the Holy Roland School, which means that you're a part of Holy Roland School, and I as the dean of Holy Roland School, naturally do not want to see my children being wronged.” Ouyang Huanyu sighed a little and said nothing more. It could be said that his words were quite stirring.

Who did not want to have this kind of unity in their own place? Even if they had already left, they would still be recognized. This sense of honor could indeed stir people's emotion in an instant.

Ouyang Huanyu was very smart to put Shen Yanxiao and others in the same position. His intentions seemed to be pure, but it actually was a deeper step of temptation.

How could Shen Yanxiao not know Ouyang Huanyu's intentions?

Ouyang Huanyu had obviously felt her alienation. And he was not anxious to narrow the distance between them both. Instead, he retreated in order to advance and put her together with all of his students. She would then gradually disperse her suspicions and naturally take his bait.

Shen Yanxiao secretly narrowed her eyes. She finally understood why Yun Qi would go to Ouyang Huanyu at that time. Shen Yanxiao had seen a lot of people in her past life with the same mind as Ouyang Huanyu. No one would be able to tell that he was scheming something!

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