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Chapter 70-Slapping Oneself Part 3


Shen Duan was unwilling to believe all of this, but with Shen Yifeng’s evasive and ashamed look, he’d already confirmed his guess.

In a split second, Shen Duan’s complexion became deathly pale.

When there was someone that was happy, there’d be someone that was worrying about it. During the time where Shen Duan had been in great delight, Shen Yue had secretly been sullen, but at the time where Shen Duan was in his current depressed state of mind, Shen Yue had nevertheless already become unable to conceal his smiling expression that was peeking out of the corner of his mouth.

What was this called?

It was called a stroke of good fortune!

Shen Yue wanted to howl with laughter at this time, because Shen Duan had certainly lost face greatly, for everyone had all already believed that the winner this time would certainly, without a doubt, be Shen Yifeng. The result, however, had ended with him becoming a big joke! Shen Yifeng’s defeat meant that his children had hope!  

This time, a total of four people had gone, and his children had taken two of the spots. With Shen Yifeng’s defeat and the no-need-to-even-consider-idiot, Shen Yanxiao, it was a fact that the Vermilion Bird would have to pick from his children!

No matter whether the Vermillion Bird had selected Shen Jiayi or Shen Jiawei, to Shen Yue, it was still a joy from heaven!

In lives, there would be up and downs. After having been suppressed by Shen Duan for how many years, he’d finally seen the light of the sun!  

With great difficulty, Shen Yue resisted the happiness in his heart. With a pretense, he walked until he was standing before Shen Duan. Patting Shen Duan’s shoulder, he insincerely comforted him and said, “Second brother, don’t feel too sad that Yifeng didn’t obtain this good fortune. However, wouldn’t it be the same for our Vermillion Bird Clan no matter who obtained the Vermillion Bird? So long as the whole clan is well, wouldn’t it be alright?”

Shen Duan glared ferociously at Shen Yue.  

While Shen Yue was crying crocodile tears, don’t think that Shen Duan didn’t know just what Shen Yue was thinking in his mind. In the end, Shen Duan truly didn’t know just what kind of problem had happened during this trip for his own family’s outstanding son to unexpectedly not be chosen by the Vermillion Bird. For no reason, those two brats of Shen Yue’s had gotten it cheap.

“Well said, they’re all children of the Vermillion Bird Clan, and whoever has obtained the Vermillion Bird is the same as everyone else.” Shen Feng, whom was nearby, said. Shen Yifeng’s defeat had truly gone against his expectations, but since the sage had congratulated him, then this matter naturally wouldn’t be a problem. He certainly wouldn’t want to wait and watch as his two children became a disgrace because of this matter in front of the sage.

“Yes.” Shen Duan ground his teeth and swallowed his unwillingness back into his heart.

After transforming his depression from just now into a closely-packed smiling expression, Shen Yue looked back towards the carriages that his children had ridden within.

However, after they saw Shen Jiayi, whom was riddled with scars and was supported by the retinue as she exited the carriage, Shen Yue’s complexion indeed turned somewhat truly ugly.

What was going on? Why was his perfectly alright daughter unexpectedly brought back with injuries all over her body? Just looking at Shen Jiayi’s miserable appearance, Shen Yue right away knew that his own daughter hadn’t obtained the Vermillion Bird’s good graces.

If that was so, then was it Jiawei?

Compared to his daughter, Shen Yue hoped even more that his son would obtain the Vermillion Bird. After all, Shen Jiayi was a girl and, someday in the future, would inevitably have to be married off.

Shen Yue first had people arrange a place for Shen Jiayi to rest. Afterwards, he impatiently stood at the doorway, waiting for his son to emerge.

As for Shen Duan and Shen Yifeng, he had them taken as far away as possible, for his son would right away become the heir of the Vermillion Bird Clan, and as a matter of fact, he wanted to see what kind of trouble this pair of hypocritical father and son duo could still make out of nothing.

He’d certainly have Shen Duan properly repay these few years to him…

Before Shen Yue’s beautiful dream had yet to finish, Shen Jiawei’s form as he emerged smashed his beautiful dream

Shen Jiawei too was supported by the retinue as he walked out of the carriage, and his body was filled with bruises. He simply wasn’t any better compared to Shen Jiayi whom had just recently gotten off!!

From the successive generations of owners of the Vermillion Bird, there hadn’t been anyone that had returned home and been riddled with scars after having finis.h.i.+ng signing the contract.

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