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"I also can provide several kinds of my family's medicines." Yan Yu started to figure out which cost-effective medicines to steal from their pharmacy.

“I will take charge of the auction house and the staffs. I will let them transport the rare consignments collected during this period of time.” Qi Xia said.

Tang Nazhi was depressed. It was time for the several young masters to work together. However, even though he had a domineering father, his family's things couldn't really be sold ah!!!

What military strategy and battle formation? Although it was very practical, this stuff simply could not be put on the market for sale!

"Maybe... we can go catch a few advanced magical beasts?" Seeing his depressed younger brother, Li Xiaowei suggested in an attempt to appease his mood.

Tang Nazhi's spirit instantly revived and in the next few seconds, his eyes were locked on the small Phoenix who was sound asleep on Vermillion Bird's head.

“Looks like... there's a ready-made... Phoenix here... Although it's still a bit smaller, putting it into the auction house can definitely create a sensational effect.”  Tang Nazhi had an imaginative vision of himself holding the small Phoenix as he stood at the auction house. He seemed to be able to see the wonderful picture of countless gold coins.

"..." Shen Yanxiao looked at this stupid brother and she really did not know whether to remind him that Vermillion Bird's eyes, at this moment, had begun to spit flames!

He actually talked about selling others in front of the beast guarding them. His IQ really worried people.

She originally thought that Tang Nazhi was stupid enough, but it seemed that Li Xiaowei was not much better, really worthy of being brothers!

"If you're willing to face the anger of two Phoenixes and Vermillion Bird, you can give it a try." Qi Xia gave the pair of brothers a very cautious reminder.

Gold coins were valuable, but the value of life was much higher.

It was unknown if Black Tortoise and Eight-Headed Serpent could resist the wrath of the three fire Mythological Beasts.

Thinking of this, Qi Xia suddenly felt it was also something to look forward to ah!

"I'm just kidding..." Tang Nazhi glanced at Vermillion Bird who was about to shoot out flames from his eyes; he swallowed his saliva.

Come on, sell the small Phoenix? Forget about Vermillion Bird and the two Phoenixes not agreeing to it, it was estimated that the first one to be unhappy was their family's Little Xiao. Although small Phoenix was not really her contractual beast, the little one was already captivated by Vermillion Bird, and it was almost equivalent to Shen Yanxiao’s second magical beast.

Who did not know that this little la.s.s was extremely protective? If he really put out the small Phoenix for sale, Shen Yanxiao would probably beat them brothers into meat sauce in minutes.

"Can you get any more stupid?" Shen Yanxiao looked at Tang Nazhi with disdain.

"..." Tang Nazhi wanted to cry. He just wanted to prove his existence. What a group of animals without humorous cells!

“Hand over the external publicity to me. I'm more comfortable dealing with those businessmen.” Qi Xia returned to the topic. As long as the group of businessmen saw the mineral reserves within The Rising Sun City, he believed that these wolves would never let go of such a piece of meat.

“Ok. We still have less than a month before The Rising Sun City will be completely built; you guys take care of your tasks on your own. I will take Jia Lan out tomorrow and negotiate with the other higher demons.” Shen Yanxiao was gearing up for a big fight, but at this time, Xiu's voice echoed in Shen Yanxiao's ears.

‘Tonight, I will help you unlock the fifth layer of the seal.'

Shen Yanxiao's heart leapt with joy. She had been waiting for a few months for this moment. Lately, there had been no progress with Xiu, but today it was finally time!

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